Vornado Velocity 5 vs VH200 (Best Value Space Heater)

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In the colder months you’ll be looking for space heaters to keep you warm. This is especially true if you have colder rooms, or poor insulation that affects certain areas of your home or apartment. Finding the right space heater can be tough, but our Vornado Velocity 5 vs VH200 review will show you which of these is best for keeping you warm.

Our Vornado VH200 vs Velocity 5 review will compare these based on their temperature, coverage, sound, special features, and then any other differences we can find.

While VH200 is the more affordable of the two and it’s very powerful, we believe that Velocity 5 gives you a better value if you want more heat or have large spaces.

Vornado Velocity 5Vornado VH200

What Space Heaters are Safe?

Many people are worried about their space heaters not being safe. This makes sense because they get hot, and unsafe space heaters can cause fires or damage to nearby items. Because of this, you’ll always want to check what safety features come with your space heater.

Vornado has similar safety options for most of their units, but we found some small differences between the two that we’re comparing here.

What safety features do you get with Vornado VH200? This includes a cool-touch exterior, automatic safety shut-off, and tip-over protection. You’ll find that the heater stops if it’s tipped over at all.

What safety features do you get with Vornado Velocity 5? This also has a cool touch exterior, tip-over protection, and the automatic safety shut-off. The only addition is locking controls. This prevents others, such as children, from changing the temperature.

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Vornado VH200 vs Velocity 5: Temperature Settings

You always want to check heaters for their temperature settings to ensure that they can keep you warm. In terms of these space heaters, there are settings both for the fan speed and the temperature Itself. VH200 isn’t bad, but Velocity 5 blows it out of the water.

What temperature settings do you get with Vornado Velocity 5? This comes with two different fan speeds along with fan only. It also has an LED display that allows you to select the exact temperature that you want from the digital thermostat.

What temperature settings do you get with Vornado VH200? You get three heat settings for low, medium, and high. You also get an adjustable thermostat with 7 different settings, but it’s not as good as the Velocity 5. That’s because this is only a dial and it doesn’t give you exact temperature measurements.

It’s also important to note that the Velocity line was made to be faster and hotter than the VH line, which means that you can quickly heat a room without being cold for too long.

While VH200 is good, but Velocity 5 is much more exact and allows you to set the specific temperature you want. Because of that, we have to give it the win in this category.

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Vornado VH200 vs Vornado Velocity 5: Coverage

Both of these are whole room space heaters. Cheap space heaters may only heat a small room or corner, but both of these are able to heat entire rooms with ease. Not only that, but they might be able to keep one or two rooms warm as well depending on the size of your home or apartment. That being said, Velocity 5 is the stronger of the two, but some might prefer VH200.

As whole room space heaters, these are made to heat large spaces. Not only that, but the fans are set to ensure the heat covers the entire room and not just a corner or small section of it.

The biggest difference here is the amount of space that they’re able to heat. We could say that VH200 is best for small-to-medium rooms, while Velocity 5 is best for larger rooms.

Now you might be wondering what is best if you have a medium or medium large room. We’d recommend Velocity because it provides better coverage and faster heat. It is a little more expensive, but it pays off because you’re able to get heat much faster and more efficiently.

Vornado Velocity 5Vornado VH200

Vornado Velocity 5 vs Vornado VH200: Sound

It’s very important to check the sound level when you’re getting a space heater, air filter, air conditioner, or any other similar appliance. This is true whether you’re using it in the bedroom or family room because you don’t want it to be so loud that it interferes with your daily life or sleep.

How loud is Vornado VH200? This is a whisper quiet space heater that you can barely hear on the lower settings. Even on the highest setting though, you’ll barely hear it above a quiet fan noise. Many people find this soothing though because it’s like calming white noise that doesn’t interfere with any activities.

How loud is Vornado Velocity 5? This model is larger and made to move air faster and farther. The consequence of this is that the space heater is louder, but only by a small margin. It’s only 10 decibels louder than other Vornado models.

That’s actually still incredibly quiet. How loud is 10 decibels? It’s about as loud as normal breathing, so you’ll still find that the space heater is very quiet and you’ll have no problem sleeping when it’s on.

VH200 wins here, but it’s only by a small margin because both of these space heaters are very quiet.

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Vornado Velocity 5 vs VH200: Special Features

Nearly every product that’s available now has special features, and that’s no different between these two space heaters. Both of these have some special features, but Velocity offers far more compared to VH200. While Velocity does cost more, we think the special features certainly make it the better value space heater.

What special features do you get with Vornado Velocity 5? This has a specially tuned design that moves heat faster and farther. The locking controls make this safer, especially if you have small children that might play with the control panel. You’ll also find this has a timer that you can set between 1-12 hours.

This model has an LED control panel that allows you to set the thermostat to a specific temperature. It also has auto climate control to ensure that the space heater uses the right amount of power to properly maintain heat in the room.

What special features do you get with Vornado VH200? This one lacks special features. It uses Vortex air which allows it to heat rooms without getting too hot. It also has an integrated carrying handle so you can easily move the heater from one area to another.

As you can see, VH200 is more of a basic space heater while Velocity 5 is a sophisticated and advanced one with more features. While Velocity is only a little more expensive, we have to say that you’re definitely getting what you pay for with it and that it’s the better value.

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What is the Difference Between Vornado Velocity 5 and VH200?

Curious about what is the difference between Vornado VH200 and Velocity 5? Despite being at similar prices, we found that there are many differences between them and that there is one we recommend above the other. However it all comes down to your preferences and budget.

In terms of temperature settings, Velocity 5 has a specific thermostat along with automatic climate control. The VH200 also has a thermostat, but the settings are between 1 and 7 instead of a specific temperature. Velocity also provided better coverage and was able to heat a room faster.

VH200 was better in terms of sound, but only by a little bit. Due to its advanced construction, Velocity 5 is only 10 decibels louder. This is equivalent to breathing, so you’re unlikely to hear a massive difference. Velocity also won in terms of special features because it includes many whereas VH200 has relatively few.

Vornado Velocity 5Vornado VH200

Final Thoughts

Should you get Vornado Velocity 5 or VH200? If price is the only thing you’re considering, then VH200 might be better because it can heat small-to-medium rooms and it costs Less. However, if you’re looking for the best space heater, then we have to give this to the Vornado Velocity 5. It’s stronger, faster, has more features, and a digital thermostat with automatic climate control.