Vornado Velocity 5 vs AVH10 (Best Space Heater With Climate Control)

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If you’re looking for a whole room space heater, then finding the right one might be hard because there are numerous ones to choose from. We found that one of the top brands currently is Vornado, but they offer many different ones and you may not know which is right for your needs. Our Vornado Velocity 5 vs AVH10 review is going to show you which of these two is right for your needs.

Our Vornado AVH10 vs Velocity 5 review is going to compare these two based on their temperature settings, coverage, sound, special features, and then any other differences we can find.

Despite being a similar price, we found that Vornado Velocity 5 is much stronger and better for most people, especially if you want to put this in a larger room. However, if you have a medium sized room that you don’t want to get too hot, then Vornado AVH10 might be better.

Vornado Velocity 5
Vornado AVH10

Can Space Heaters Save Money?

It’s widely thought that space heaters waste money and that they’re only good to use occasionally. The truth is that space heaters can save you money if you use them properly. It’s essential that your space heater has an accurate thermostat and climate control so that it’s only used when needed.

If your space heater has a thermostat, then it will only turn on when needed. This ensures that it uses only a small amount of power and it will be able to effectively heat the room while costing less and other heating solutions. This is also very effective if the other rooms in your home are chillier, but you want one room to be somewhat warmer.

Between the two space heaters we’re looking at today, Velocity 5 Vornado does a better job because it has an accurate thermostat and climate control. It can also heat rooms faster than the other model. That being said, AVH10 Vornado uses less power and also has an accurate thermostat.

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Vornado AVH10 vs Velocity 5: Temperature Settings

You always want to check the temperature settings to ensure that the space heater is able to accommodate your needs. The settings refer to how fast the fan is going, and how it controls the temperature as well. While both of these are similar at first, we found that Velocity 5 was far better due to its superior construction.

What heat settings do you get with Vornado Velocity 5? This has an LED touch screen that allows you to select two temperature settings along with the fan-only option. The LED screen also allows you to select the exact temperature you want, and it includes climate control to ensure that your room stays at that specific temperature.

What heat settings do you get with Vornado AVH10? The settings are about the same. It also has an LED touch screen with two temperature settings and a fan-only option. The LED screen lets you select the temperature you want, and the climate control setting keeps your room at that specific temperature.

Those both sound very similar, so you might be wondering why Velocity is the better of the two. That’s because the Velocity models are built to get 30% hotter and to heat rooms 39% faster than other Vornado heaters.

While their settings might be basically the same, Velocity pulls ahead with better construction.

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Vornado AVH10 vs Vornado Velocity 5: Coverage

Both of these heaters look like they’re about the same size, but there is a very big difference in the amount of space that they cover. It might surprise you to know that AVH10 is the larger unit here, but Velocity 5 actually covers more room and is better if you have a larger space.

Both of these are whole room space heaters, but that doesn’t mean they are made for the same spaces. They have different coverage areas, and that’s largely due to their construction and power.

The Velocity models are stronger and made to heat large rooms. They have more power so that they can effortlessly heat larger rooms quickly without using up too much energy. These are ideal for family rooms, living rooms, and large bedrooms.

On the other hand, other whole room Vornado space heaters are made for small or medium rooms. The AVH10 is definitely strong, and it’s great for medium-sized rooms, but it doesn’t stand up to the Velocity 5.

Since they’re nearly the same price, we would say that you get a much better value with Velocity. However, those with small or medium rooms might prefer AVH10 Vortex as the other model might make the room too hot.

Vornado Velocity 5
Vornado AVH10

Vornado Velocity 5 vs Vornado AVH10: Sound

Space heaters are made to be convenient, and that includes being quiet and not disturbing you. A whisper quiet space heater is usually best, but sometimes you need to make compromises for more power or features. Both of these are quiet, but the Vortex AVH10 is the winner here.

Vornado Vortex heaters, such as the AVH10, are made to be incredibly quiet. You can barely hear it, even in a smaller room. It’s just the softest white noise, and it’s actually quite soothing. You’ll find that nearly anything overpowers the noise, so you don’t have to worry about it being louder than your TV or conversations.

Velocity heaters are stronger, which also makes them louder. However, Vornado was smart when they made these heaters. Despite getting 30% hotter and heating rooms 39% faster, they are only 10dB louder than their other heaters.

For those who don’t know, 10dB is as loud as normal breathing. Not loud breathing or huffing and puffing from a run, just normal breathing. You’ll hear a difference if they’re side by side, but both are very quiet and barely audible.

While AVH10 is quieter, keep in mind that you’re getting more power with Velocity at nearly the same level of sound.

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Vornado Velocity 5 vs AVH10: Special Features

You should also find out what special features you get with your room heater. This can sometimes be the deciding factor when you’re looking at two similar models. While these two share some features, we found that Velocity gives you a few extra features and it’s better made overall.

Let’s talk about the same features whether you’re choosing between Vornado Velocity 5 or AVH10. Both of them have an LED display and thermostat that allows you to choose the temperature you want. They have advanced safety features such as a cool exterior, tip-over protection, and automatic shut off. Both of them also include an integrated handle for easy transportation.

There are some extra features though that you only get with Velocity 5. This comes with locking controls for even more safety, which is helpful if you have small children that might play with the heater. While both offer climate control, Velocity 5 did a better job of sensing the temperature and using less power to heat a room. It also comes with a timer that you can set between 1-12 hours.

Due to this, Velocity is better than AVH10. While you get good features with AVH10, you get much more with the other model.

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What is the Difference Between Vornado Velocity 5 and AVH10?

Curious about what is the difference between Vornado AVH10 and Velocity 5? We found that despite them being at very similar price points and both being whole room space heaters that they have a large number of differences. In nearly all cases, we found that Velocity was the superior unit, but let’s compare them here.

Both of these models are nearly the same size, yet Velocity was able to warm large rooms while AVH10 is better for medium rooms. They also have the same number of temperature settings and climate control, but Velocity was more accurate and able to heat rooms faster.

It’s close in terms of noise as both are very quiet, but AVH10 is somewhat quieter. However, Velocity quickly fired back with having more special features and being a better space heater in general.

Is Vornado Velocity 5 good? It’s amazing for medium to large rooms, for keeping your room at a consistent temperature, and giving you the heat you need quickly and efficiently. Is Vornado AVH10 good? While it’s our second choice here, it’s great for small to medium rooms, it has a good number of features, and it’s very easy to use.

Vornado Velocity 5
Vornado AVH10

Final Thoughts

Should you get Vornado Velocity 5 or AVH10? Both are good, but we have to go with Velocity. It’s only a little more expensive and you really get your money’s worth. It warms a larger area, has more accurate climate control, and offers more special features. However, AVH10 might be better for those with smaller rooms as Velocity might be overkill in small spaces.