Why Security Cameras Are Not an Invasion of Privacy

security camera privacy

If you’re considering a home security network complete with security cameras, then you might be worried that they’re an invasion of privacy. While you can control the cameras if you own them, some have professional monitoring or might require professional installation. Plus, can security cameras work against you if you catch someone breaking into your home … Read more

Arlo Pro 4 vs Pro 3: Is the Upgrade Worth It?

arlo pro 4 vs pro 3

Normally new versions of security cameras bring new features or better resolution, but is that the case here with Alro Pro 4 vs Pro 3? You might be surprised by the answer. While the newest version offers more flexible connectivity options, is anything else upgraded? Read on to find out.  We’re going to compare Arlo … Read more

What Are Amazon Coins? (All the Info You Need!)

amazon coins

If you own Amazon tech like the Kindle Fire, then you’ve probably seen Amazon Coins and wondered what these are. Unlike most other app ecosystems like Google Play and Apple App Store, Amazon Coins is a unified digital currency that you can use with nearly any app or game. From Hearthstone to Summoner’s War and … Read more