Levoit Core 300S vs 600S (What Size Purifier is Best?)

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The Levoit Smart Core purifiers are among the best on the market, but you might be wondering which is best. Our Levoit Core 300S vs 600S review will show you which is right for your needs. While they share many of the same features, they are meant for very different uses.

Our Levoit Core 600S vs 300S review will compare these based on their coverage area, CADR, filters, fan speeds, and smart features.

If we were going by power, then Smart Core 600S is significantly better as it can purify a whole home. We think these actually work best in tandem as 600S can handle most of your needs while 300S can purify other rooms just out of reach.

Levoit Core 300S
Levoit Core 600S

Should I Sleep With a Smart Air Purifier On?

Some people are worried about wasting energy while others might be worried that they’ll overload their purifier by keeping it on all night. In general, should you sleep with an air purifier on? Yes, you absolutely should, especially if you have asthma or find that you wake up coughing or having difficulty breathing.

Now, let’s talk about smart air purifiers like the Levoit Smart Cores. All of the Smart Core purifiers have Auto Mode, which monitors the air quality by checking PM2.5 (a common pollutant) and adjusts the speed as needed to keep your air as fresh as possible.

So breathe easy and keep your smart home air purifier on all night.

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Coverage Area

You want to make sure the coverage area is specific to your needs. While getting the biggest, strongest smart purifier might seem like a good idea, it might be overkill if you just need it for one room. On the other hand, getting a small purifier won’t efficiently clean larger rooms or your entire home.

Both Levoit smart purifiers are good, but they are meant for very different purposes. The Levoit Core 300S can efficiently clean 219 sqft up to 5 times an hour. While it can clean larger rooms, it will take longer to completely freshen up the air.

The Levoit Core 600S is much larger and is able to clean 635 sqft 5 times an hour. This also can be used for larger spaces, but it will take longer to completely cycle the air.

If you have a larger room or want a main purifier for the whole home, then go with the Levoit 600S Smart Core. If you need this for a small room like a bedroom or dining room, then choose Levoit 300S Smart Core.

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Levoit Smart Core 600S vs 300S: CADR

Standing for Clean Air Delivery Rate, this metric objectively shows you how well a purifier is able to clean the air. Without going into too much detail, basically a larger number indicates more efficiency. You want a purifier with at least 100 CADR, but that would be the minimum. Larger purifiers also require a higher CADR as they are cleaning more smoke, dust, pet dander and more from the air.

Levoit 300S has a CADR rating of 140, which is fairly good. Considering this is meant for a small room, this is actually quite capable and will make a noticeable difference in the air quality. You’ll feel how much easier it is to breathe after letting the purifier do its thing.

Levoit 600S has a CADR of 410, which is significantly better and makes a much bigger difference in the air quality around you. From large rooms to the whole room, this is able to really remove contaminants from the air.

Both are good considering the intended uses, but as you can see from the CADR measurement, Levoit 600S is far more efficient at purifying the air.

Levoit Core 300S
Levoit Core 600S

Levoit Core 600S vs 300S: Filter

An air purifier is only as good as its filter, and in this case both purifiers are tied. The filter is responsible for capturing pollutants and contaminants. If there were no filter, then there would be nothing to remove these particles from the air. Both have better-than-HEPA filters, making these extremely good at improving your air quality.

Levoit purifiers use H13 True HEPA filters. This is better than average HEPA filters as they are able to remove 99.97% of particles from the air, and they can capture particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Another benefit here is that both purifiers include three filters for even better efficiency.

While the filter sizes are different to accommodate the size of the purifier, their efficiency is exactly the same.

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Levoit Smart Core 300S vs 600S: Fan Speeds

Another similarity between both of these purifiers is their number of fan speeds. You want to ensure that you have different settings so that the fan works as hard as it needs to. If you just want to freshen up a little, then a low setting is good. If the contaminants are so bad that you can see them floating around, then a higher setting is best.

Both of these come with the same number of fan speeds and functions. While there are technically three fan speeds, there are five different settings to choose from. The main fan speeds include low, medium, and high.

You also get Sleep Mode and Auto Mode. Sleep Mode means that the purifier stays on, but it gets very quiet so that it won’t disturb you. This mode is functionally the same, but 300S is somewhat quieter than 600S. The 300S filter is 22dB in Sleep Mode while 600S is 26dB. Again, not a huge difference.

Then there’s Auto Mode. This is a special mode that monitors the air quality by checking PM2.5 levels. It will then adjust the speed as needed to keep your room as fresh as possible. This ensures that you always have the right speed for the best air quality.

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Levoit Core 300S vs 600S: Smart Features

These features are what set Smart Core apart from regular purifiers. As expected, many of these features are synced right to your phone to make the purifier much more convenient. While they are basically the same, 600S has one extra feature that is handy, but we wouldn’t call it essential.

The smart features you get with Levoit Core 300S and Levoit Core 600S is Auto Mode, which monitors your air quality, and phone controls. This allows you to sync the purifier with your phone so that you can also view the air quality level.

Aside from that, the VeSync app lets you change the fan speed, turn the purifier on and off, and you can even create a cleaning schedule. This ensures that the purifier is on when you want it to be, and you never need to touch the purifier itself.

The one extra feature that 600S has is that it will automatically sense light levels and will dim if the room goes dark. This makes it a little bit easier to sleep next to, but we don’t consider this an essential feature or major upgrade over 300S. It’s nice to have, but either should be fine.

Levoit Core 300S
Levoit Core 600S

What is the Difference Between Levoit Core 300S and 600S?

Curious about what is the difference between Levoit Core 600S and 300S? These two are significantly different in their coverage area and CADR measurement, but they are surprisingly similar in most other ways.

Both 300S and 600S have exceptional filters, five settings with three different fan speeds, and smart features for monitoring air quality and allowing you to change speeds or make schedules from your phone.

The major difference is that 600S is made for large rooms and whole homes or apartments while 300S is meant for a single room. Outside of that, they are largely the same.

Final Thoughts

So, which is better: Levoit Core 300S or 600S? They are similar in many ways, so it really comes down to how much space you want to purify. If you’re looking for a main air purifier for the whole home, then go with Levoit Smart 600S. If this is for your bedroom or another single room, then Levoit Smart 300S is better.