Vornado Velocity 3 vs 5 (Which Space Heater is the Best Value?)

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Finding the right space heater for your entire room can be tough because there are so many different brands and options available. Not only that, but you may not know what price point is right for you or what features you really need. Our Vornado Velocity 3 vs 5 review is going to compare these two fantastic heaters to see which one is right for your needs.

Our Vornado Velocity 5 vs 3 review is going to reveal which is best by comparing the temperature settings, coverage area, sound, special features, and any other differences we can find.

While it comes down to the size of your room and budget, we found that Vornado Velocity 5 was better overall because it includes climate control and several other features lacking in Velocity 3. 

Vornado Velocity 3Vornado Velocity 5

Why Use Space Heaters?

The most obvious answer is that you’re cold and you want some extra heat. But if you have central air, then why not just turn up the temperature for the whole house? This is when it becomes a little more nuanced.

Many people use space heaters to heat a single room. This might be because heat is unavailable or inadequate in that room, or it might be that you just prefer it hotter than everyone else in the home. If used this way, then space heaters are incredibly convenient and can actually save you money when compared to turning up the heat for the entire house.

Another benefit is that space heaters require no installation. Most other heating methods, like placing in central heating if you don’t have it already, require significant installation and high costs.

Space heater just needs to be plugged in and turned on. you can also find a great whole room space heater for under $100-150 to get amazing performance.

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Vornado Velocity 5 vs 3: Temperature Settings

You want to make sure that the space heater has different settings so that you can set the heat at the proper strength for your needs. Sometimes you want a low amount of heat, other times you want it to blow stronger to heat the room faster. Both of these are about the same, but there are some differences you should be aware of.

In terms of the fan settings, both of these have three settings, but they’re a little different. The fan settings you get with Vornado Velocity 5 include low and high, and there’s a fan-only setting as well. The fan settings you get with Velocity 3 include low, medium, and high.

They also both include an adjustable thermostat, but they are quite different in this regard.

Velocity 5 has an LED thermostat. This allows you to set a specific temperature you want so that your room doesn’t get too hot or improperly heated. It had an easier time reading the temperature and making sure that the room stayed at that temperature.

The Vornado 3 also has an adjustable thermostat, but it’s a dial that doesn’t have exact temperature readings on it. This makes it fairly good, but not nearly as accurate as the other model.

All the settings are very similar, we found that the Vornado 5 Velocity looks a little better. That being said, Vornado 3 Velocity is very similar.

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Vornado Velocity 5 vs Vornado Velocity 3: Coverage

You want to make sure that you’re getting a heater that covers the entire room. It’s true that both of these space heaters warm a whole room, but that doesn’t mean that they are exactly the same. You can likely guess by their model number and price, but Velocity 5 is the stronger of the two. But let’s really compare them to see which is right for your needs.

What size room can Vornado Velocity 3 heat? This is a powerful heater that can warm an entire room in a matter of seconds or minutes. This line of heaters uses special technology to quickly heat rooms. You’ll find that this is great for medium-sized rooms and even some larger rooms as well.

What size room can Vornado Velocity 5 heat? This is the larger of the two, and that allows it to heat larger spaces even faster. It also doesn’t use that much more power, but you wouldn’t know that from how much stronger it is. This is ideal for larger rooms and for those that want heat very quickly.

While the Velocity 3 is great for many room sizes, those that want fast heat or have very large rooms will want Velocity 5. We have to say that this is one of the biggest distinctions between these two models, so really consider what size room you have and how much heat you need.

Vornado Velocity 3Vornado Velocity 5

Vornado Velocity 3 vs Vornado Velocity 5: Sound

Just like with fans and air purifiers, you want to make sure that a space heater isn’t too loud. Some cheap space heaters get very loud and this can be distracting if you’re trying to watch TV, read a book, play games, or do anything else in the room. While there is a slight difference between them here, we have to say it’s a tie. 

If you checked out our other Vornado Velocity reviews, you may have noticed that we said that Velocity models tend to be a little louder than other space heaters from this brand. Keep in mind though that we mean only a little louder, as these are only 10 decibels louder than their other models.

So just how loud is 10 decibels? It’s as loud as normal breathing. That means that you might notice this heater a little bit more and other Vornado ones, but not by much.

As we said, there is a slight difference between these two, but you only notice it if they’re side by side. As you can guess, Velocity 3 is a little softer and quieter, but only because it’s smaller. It really only has to do with size and you can barely tell the difference between them.

It’s a tie here and we want you to know that even though it’s a little louder than some heaters, these are both very quiet models in general. You’ll have no problem enjoying fun activities without the heater getting in your way.

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Vornado Velocity 3 vs 5: Special Features

While these two have been close in several other categories, we found the Velocity 5 really cleans up here as it’s significantly better than the other model. It’s good to check the special features to know everything you’re getting with the heater, and sometimes these are what really impact your buying decisions.

What special features do you get with Vornado Velocity 3? You unfortunately don’t get too much. It’s a great heater, but it doesn’t do much more than that. You get an integrated handle for easy carrying, a dial adjustable thermostat to change how hot or cold you want your room, and several different fan settings.

What special features do you get with Vornado Velocity 5? You also get the integrated handle, but this has several other features as well. The LED control panel has a true adjustable thermostat that you can select the temperature you want, and it has climate control to keep it that way. It has a fan-only setting to use less power, and it includes a 1-12 hour timer that you can easily set.

You get many more features with the Vornado 5 and we think it’s the better value here.

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What is the Difference between Vornado Velocity 3 and 5?

Curious about what is the difference between Vornado Velocity 5 and 3? These similar units are made by the same brand, but we found that there were a good number of differences between them. There’s a small price difference between the two, but we found that you get much more value out of Velocity 5 considering the extra features, power, and climate control.

They’re similar in terms of temperature settings because they each have three settings. The major difference though is the adjustable thermostat. The Velocity 3 only comes with a dial that isn’t specific. On the other hand, Velocity 5 has an LED control panel that allows you to set the specific temperature and it will maintain the temperature as well.

Both of these models are great with coverage area. Velocity 3 would be ideal for medium rooms while Velocity 5 is best for large rooms, so you can place them nearly anywhere with ease. They are nearly identical in terms of sound, and both are quiet and will not disrupt you.

The Velocity 3 didn’t come with many extra features, but Velocity 5 included the climate control, extra safety features like locking controls, fan-only mode, and a 1-12 hour timer.

Vornado Velocity 3Vornado Velocity 5

Final Thoughts

Both whole room space heaters are both amazing, but it really comes down to both your budget and what you need. Velocity 3 is the more affordable of the two units and ideal for medium rooms and those that don’t need too much control over their environment. If you have a larger room or want more control though, then we highly suggest Velocity 5 as it’s only a little more expensive but you get much more from it. 

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