Dreo Space Heater Reviews: Which Dreo Space Heater is Best?

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Looking to find the right Dreo space heater for your home or apartment? Currently one of the most popular brands on Amazon, it’s easy to see why people curl up next to their Dreo heaters when it’s cold out. Whether you want an affordable space heater or a powerful one, they sell many models that suit your needs.

Our Dreo space heater review is going to show you all the different models currently available. This will give you a good idea of what they offer and which one is right for your needs. We’re also going to answer some of your top questions about this brand so you’re well informed when you get one.

Best Dreo Space Heaters

Dreo Atom One Space Heater

Portable & Powerful Heat
Dreo Atom One on Amazon is their most popular model. It’s at a great price, conveniently sized, and able to heat a whole room with ease. With 1500W of heating power, this immediately reaches your preferred temperature so you’re warm and toasty in seconds.

As a portable space heater, this is able to sit by your feet, on a table, or anywhere else. Dreo Eco mode saves 40% power while still keeping you warm, and their patented Shield 360 Protection keeps you safe and secure. The thermostat reaches temperatures from 41-95 F, and it has a 70-degree oscillation to keep the whole room warm.

The brushless motor is quiet and can easily be used around kids, at work, or even by your bed. This makes an excellent space heater no matter what your needs are.

Dreo Solaris Slim H3 Space Heater

Slim Profile, Powerful Heat
For those who prefer a slim tower space heater, Dreo Solaris Slim is just what you’re looking for. Don’t let the slim profile fool you though. This mighty 1500W ceramic space heater uses Dreo’s ObliqueAirflow for fast heat even during the coldest months.

It comes with all the safety features you expect such as tip-over protection, overheat shutoff, and more. The heater is very quiet at only 37.5dB, making it as quiet as a library and suitable next to your bed as you get cozy under the sheets. Comes with a convenient remote so you can control the heater from a distance.

The wide-angle oscillation ensures this heater keeps the entire room, office, or any other space warm. This is best for areas around 270 sq ft or less. Eco Mode from Dreo adjusts the temperature so that you’re warm while using less power. Set the digital thermostat between 41-95 degrees, sit back, and enjoy the warmth.

Dreo Solaris Slim H2 Space Heater

Slim Heater with Timer
This slim space heater provides you with amazing heat from 900W to 1500W depending on the heating mode. Made for energy efficient heating with Eco Mode, this is able to warm you during those cool fall and winter months. Plus, at just 40dB, this is as quiet as a library.

Made with the latest safety features in mind, this is a safe space heater that you can use while sleeping or lounging around. The wide 70-degree oscillating heat keeps the entire room toasty, and it has a 1-12 hour timer so that it automatically shuts off.

Did we mention this space heater has a remote? You’ll have no problem controlling from across the room. All that, and it’s at an affordable price. It uses Dreo 2S Instant Heating so that you start feeling heat within 2 seconds flat.

Dreo Solaris Max Space Heater

Dreo 24-inch Oscillating Tower Space Heater
This Dreo whole room space heater is amazing for larger rooms, or those who don’t want to wait to warm up. This 24-inch space heater tower quickly warms any room, and it oscillates so every corner is properly heated. Perfect for large offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and more during the colder days.

With Dreo 2S Rapid Heating, this warms up in 2 seconds, and the 2500RPM fan spreads heat just as quickly. Comes with a remote to easily control the unit from across room, and it has all the safety features you need. This is a quiet space heater at under 40dB, and it has five heating modes: low, medium, high, Eco, and fan only.

Don’t let the large size make you think this model is cumbersome. It’s easy to move around, and the carrying handle makes it even easier. This is at the perfect size for those who want a strong, portable heater for their larger rooms.

Dreo Omega Heat Radiator Heater

Portable Radiator for Large Rooms
This powerful radiator is able to heat large rooms with efficient 360-degree warming circulation. Not only that, but this Dreo oil radiator is completely sealed, so the oil will never evaporate and will never need to be replaced. But, it ensures the radiator gets hot quickly and makes your whole room toasty.

Despite the fast heat, the cool-touch exterior keeps you safe even if you touch the radiator while it’s on. Enhanced safety prevents the oil from easily combusting, and it’s an electric radiator so you can easily turn it on as long as an outlet is available.

The simple design allows you to quickly choose the right temperature and heating mode, or the remote lets you control it from across the room.It even has a timer so that you can set the radiator to start before you get home. There’s nothing better than opening the door after a cold winter drive and coming into a warm and inviting home.

Dreo Atom Sense Space Heater

Motion Sensor, Heats Only When Needed
This is an upgraded form of the Atom One Dreo, their flagship model. In many ways it’s identical, but there is one important upgrade that makes this worth checking out.

Atom Sense comes with a motion sensor that checks for when people are around. If it notices you’re in the vicinity of the heater, then it will turn on to give you the warmth you want. Perfect for those who don’t want to keep turning their heaters on and off, or for those who want to save power by not heating an empty room.

Dreo Atom Guard Space Heater

Efficient Heating in the Bathroom, Extra Safety
Another upgraded form of the Atom One heater, this one focuses on increased safety by giving you an ALCI safety plug. These will cut the power if there are any electrical abnormalities. The other heaters here are very safe, but this goes the extra mile with the enhanced plug.

That’s what makes this available for use in the bathroom and other moist environments. But, don’t feel like you need to put it there. This is great for offices, family rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else that needs a little extra heat.

Space Heater Buying Guide

Still not sure which Dreo space heater to choose? Whether you’re considering this brand or any other, you want to know what to look at to ensure you’re getting a quality heater. This section will help you choose the right heater for your home or apartment.

  • Budget: The first thing you want to consider is your budget. How much does a good space heater cost? Some of the best space heaters are under $100 (like many of the models here) while larger models can cost hundreds of dollars. Plus, keep in mind that spending extra doesn’t always mean you’re getting better quality, but you want to avoid overspending beyond your means.
  • Portability: Most space heaters are made to be highly portable and easy to move around. Many of the ones we examined here are lightweight and have an integrated carrying handle. If you need a heater for a large room, then you’ll want to look for wheels to make it easier to move.
  • Special Features: Every model has special features and you’ll want to consider which ones are essential to you. The ones we reviewed here have remote controls, programmable thermostats, wide-angle oscillation, and more. Consider the features that will satisfy your needs and preferences.
  • Safety: You must have safety features because space heaters get hot. If they aren’t designed correctly, then overheating or falling over can potentially lead to damage or fire. The essential safety features include tip-over protection, overheat shutoff, and an automatic timer shutoff if the unit is on too long.
  • Size: This plays into price a bit, but you want to consider the size of the room you want to heat. More expensive models tend to warm larger rooms, but consider how much space the unit can warm. You don’t want to get a small unit for a large room, and vice versa.

Dreo Against the Competition

Curious to see how this brand does against other top electric indoor heaters? Let’s take a brief look to see how this compares with other common brands.

  • Dreo vs Lasko Space Heater: In terms of Dreo vs Lasko, we found that Dreo tended to warm faster, had more overall settings, and more fan speeds. However, with Lasko vs Dreo, we found that Lasko heaters were more affordable, had adequate power comparable to the other brand, and were somewhat lighter.
  • Dreo vs Vornado Heater: When it comes to Dreo vs Vornado, we noticed that Dreo was able to heat up faster and usually had more features and settings, though this depended on the model. When it came to Vornado vs Dreo though, we saw that Vornado was a little better at heating an entire room with its vortex technology, but its lack of oscillating might develop some cold spots.
  • Dreo vs Honeywell Space Heater: We found that with Dreo vs Honeywell that these models were better made, more powerful, had more features, and were worth the extra cost. If we consider Honeywell vs Dreo, then Honeywell heaters offered more models (this means different sizes, prices, and capabilities) and that they were often more affordable.
  • Dreo vs Pelonis Space Heater: In terms of Dreo vs Pelonis, we found that they were nearly tied as their build quality and overall features were similar. Same goes for Pelonis vs Dreo. What we did notice though is that Dreo offered more models for small to medium rooms while Pelonis heaters were geared more towards larger rooms.
  • Dreo vs Andily Space Heater: This is similar to the Honeywell section. With Dreo vs Andily heaters, we found that Dreo was made better, had more features, and offered better heat. Andily vs Dreo though showed us that Andily heaters were more affordable, though it did lack the large selection of Honeywell.

Space Heater FAQ

We’re going to answer some of your biggest questions here so that you’re an informed customer and ready to buy the right heater for your apartment or home. While we are gearing this more towards the brand reviewed here, keep in mind that this can help you peruse other models as well to find the best for your needs.

What is the Quietest Dreo Heater?

We would say the quietest Dreo space heater is a tie between Atom One, Solaris Slim H2, Solaris Slim H3, and AtomSense. That being said, none of their models are very loud. They should all be suitable for use in bedrooms, around small children (as long as they are supervised), and work settings.

Are Dreo Heaters Good?

These models come with premium features yet a comfortable price that makes this ideal for most people. While they aren’t budget heaters, the price is reasonable and you get a lot for only a slightly higher price. Not only do they have many features (remote control, thermostat, timers, advanced safety features, etc), but they also heat up within seconds.

Where are Dreo Space Heaters Made?

Where are Dreo heaters made? While they have offices in America and other countries as well, most of their fans and heaters are made in China. That being said, these are quality heaters with premium features.

Which Dreo Space Heater is Best?

Currently their flagship model is the Atom One. This sits at a comfortable price point, has many features, heats a whole room with ease, oscillates, comes with a remote, and has many other amazing benefits. However, check out all the models above and see which is right for you.

What Dreo Heater for Bedroom Use?

We would honestly say all of them are ideal for bedroom use as all the models are quiet, quickly heat a room, and are easy to shut off or adjust with the remote. Atom One and the Solaris Slim models would be best for most bedrooms, Solaris Max is great if you want faster heat, and OmegaHeat is best for larger bedrooms.

Is Dreo an American Company?

While they have offices in America, this is a Chinese company. That being said, their manufacture their heaters to last, and they are made from the best materials.

Which Dreo Space Heater With Remote?

Surprisingly enough, all of their space heaters come with a remote. The remote distance is somewhat different between the models (OmegaHeat and Solaris Max tend to have the longest range), but you should have no problem operating any of these heaters from across the room.