Best VPN for Android – Choose Wisely and Be Safe

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What is an Android VPN?

An Android VPN, also known as a mobile VPN, stands for Virtual Private Network and it serves two primary purposes. The first purpose is that it shields your online connection by placing an encrypted tunnel around data transfers, most commonly visiting websites or downloading files. You’ll need to choose the best VPN though to ensure you get reliable security and excellent features.

The second purpose is that it maintains your encrypted connection as you move between networks. It’s common for us to go from our 4G connection to a home WiFi router and then to a public WiFi router when we’re out and about.

Some of these connections might be secure while others won’t. Regardless of their inherent safety or vulnerability, a mobile VPN will ensure you’re safe as you browse your favorite websites.

How to Choose an Android VPN

The truth is that choosing the right mobile VPN is easier than you think, especially when you know what to look for. Simply consider price, ease of use, number of devices, and server locations. Some people might also have other special features that they want, such as having a kill switch if the connection is broken, or being able to easily switch from region to region based on your need.

  • Price: While VPNs are invaluable in terms of safety, they should be very affordable so they are simple to use. Business Android VPNs cost more due to having more licenses, but even the most robust and versatile VPNs should be easy on the pocket.
  • Speed: VPNs bounce your signal between many servers to hide your original location while making it seem like you’re in a different region or nation. That often slows down browsing speeds, but the best VPNs like NordVPN are nearly identical to regular browsing speeds.
  • Ease: An advanced VPN might be good for some, but most just want one that is easy to turn on and off. The best VPNs give you this simplicity while also having advanced configurations that you can change if you’d like to.
  • Devices: Even though you’re looking for an Android VPN, the truth is that you probably have other devices you want to protect (computers, gaming systems, Apple devices, etc). The best VPNs protect all your devices, and you should have enough licenses for every user or device.
  • Servers: You want servers around the world, and you want multiple servers in each country. Not only does this often protect you more than a smaller server list, but it increases speed and makes it easy to access location-based content from Netflix and other providers.

Android VPN Benefits

On the business side, remote workers can represent a large vulnerability in your network. Just using a public WiFi network can compromise your entire business because it’s unsafe and unsecured. Adding a VPN to business phones and laptops is an inexpensive way to significantly boost safety.

For personal users, this protects your data and personal information like banking accounts and passwords, ensures your browsing history isn’t sold to advertisers who only want to mine your wallets, and it gives you peace of mind as you browse.

The major benefits of Android VPNs are:

  • Secure Public WiFi: While public WiFi networks at bookshops, coffeeshops, and hotels are convenient, but far from secure. They might be monitored by hackers, and it’s very easy for them to hijack or spy on connected devices. VPNs can shield your personal information over these connections.
  • Data Protection: Whether you have a business phone or your own personal device, there are tons of valuable data on your device. From business secrets to banking accounts, a hacker can make a profit by accessing your device. A VPN can greatly enhance your security.
  • Improved Trust: Using public WiFi, accessing business secrets, opening a sensitive app, it can be tough if you’re worried about someone spying on you. Using a VPN ensures you can trust the connection because it has encryption over it.
  • Location-Based Content: Netflix and many other services give you content based on your location. Changing your server to a different nation allows you to access different shows, movies, and other content with ease.

Are Android VPNs Safe?

As long as you choose a trustworthy VPN provider, such as NordVPN, then yes, it is safe. Not only do these encrypt your data connections, but the best VPN providers have many security protocols to keep you anonymous and safe as you’re browsing.