Midea vs LG Dual Inverter (Strongest Smart Air Conditioner)

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Smart window air conditioners are quickly becoming the norm. Many people are still upgrading to them, and those who have love how convenient they are. You can control the AC right from your phone, which is so simple. Today our Midea vs LG review is going to compare these two smart air conditioners to see which is right for your home.

Our LG vs Midea review will compare these based on BTUs, coverage, installation, sound, connectivity, and then any other differences we can find.

Read on to find the best smart air conditioner for your home.

Midea U Smart Air ConditionerLG Dual Inverter AC

Is Midea Air Conditioner Good?

The Midea air conditioning brand has been around for many years. They continue to make one innovation after another, and the Midea U-Shaped Inverter is one of their newest models. Not only does it offer smart connectivity, but you also get a powerful AC with a unique installation (more on this later).

So yes, this is an amazing air conditioner that will quickly cool your room with ease. Plus, you can control it right for your device.

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Is LG Air Conditioner Good?

LG produces a number of different electronics, and air conditioners are one of their specialties. Not only are LG ACs very powerful, but they also tend to come with unique features or superior engineering. In this case, the LG Dual Inverter smart air conditioner will save you money while keeping you cooler than ever.

For those who want to save money while feeling comfortable, the LG smart air conditioner is right for you.


If you’ve been looking around for window air conditioners, then you may have noticed that many of them list their BTUs. This refers to how much power they use and how efficiently they can cool a room. Higher BTUs means that it can cool a larger area.

Both Midea and LG offer several different BTUs. You can choose between:

  • Midea U-Shaped Inverter 8000 BTUs
  • Midea U-Shaped Inverter 10000BTUs
  • Midea U-Shaped Inverter 12000BTUs
  • LG Dual Inverter 9500BTUs
  • LG Dual Inverter 14000BTUs

All of these are great, but you should choose one that meets the size of your room. You’ll find that 8000 BTUs is good for 350 sqft, 10000 BTUs is good for 450 sqft, 12000 BTUs is good for 550 sqft, and 14000 BTUs is good for 700 sqft.

It’s hard to pick a winner here as they have similar offerings, and it really comes down to what you need from your air conditioner. In terms of Midea U-Shaped Inverter vs LG Dual Inverter, we found that Midea offered more sizes and it ranged from small rooms to large ones, so we think it covers people better, but they are both similar here.

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LG Dual Inverter vs Midea U: Coverage

We talked about power and overall coverage area in the last section, but this section deals more with how the AC covers the room. Most window air conditioners will blast cool air forward, but others have unique methods for cooling a room.

Both of these are fairly traditional in that they push cool air forward in a stream. It will then disperse throughout the room, but you’ll find that sitting in front of the Midea or LG air conditioner will keep you the coolest.

They also both have unique inverters that are able to cool a room faster than you would expect while using less power. You’ll find that they also cost much less money than a similar AC would cost.

Midea U air conditioner says that you will save about 35% energy while LG Dual Inverter says you’ll save around 15% energy.

We found that both are about the same here. That means they both provide cool, strong air and make your room so much more comfortable.

Midea U Smart Air ConditionerLG Dual Inverter AC

Midea U vs LG Dual Inverter: Installation

Here’s one of the most unique differences between the two. Midea U-Shaped air conditioner has one of the most unique installations around, while LG Smart Window Air Conditioner is fairly typical with its installation.

Midea air conditioner installation is easy, in fact it’s easier and faster than most other ACs. It comes with a special bracket that connects to the window sill. This bracket actually allows you to close the window or open it completely. You won’t see that with other air conditioners.

LG is more common in that the window has to sit on top of the AC and support it. It also comes with those gates that allow it to sit flush against your wall.

Both are good and secure, but the uniqueness of Midea’s installation makes it the better choice here. You really have to see it to believe it.

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LG Dual Inverter vs Midea: Sound

You’re going to hear just about any air conditioner you get, but you want it to be quiet and out of the way. Older and cheap air conditioners tend to be loud. They might even wake you up or make it hard to concentrate when they’re on. So of course you want a quiet air conditioning unit. Don’t worry, both of these are perfect for that.

They have nearly identical sound ratings. Midea U air conditioner dBA rating is just 42 while the LG Dual Inverter dBA rating is 44. While LG is a tiny bit louder, you won’t really notice much of a difference unless they are side by side.

Both of these are about as loud as a quiet library. You may not even know if the AC is on until you feel the cool air. If you want a whisper quiet smart air conditioner, then both of these fit the bill.

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Midea vs LG Dual Inverter: Smarts

Unlike regular ACs, these are smart air conditioning units. That means that they can connect to your phone and often have other unique features. Both of them are nearly identical in this capacity, but let’s dive into them to see what you’re getting.

Let’s start with the lowest tech connectivity. Both of these come with remote controls that directly connect to the AC. You can change the power setting, temperature, set the timer, turn the AC on and off, and more. The remote control for both is about the size of an average smartphone.

Speaking of smartphones, both of these offer wireless connectivity so that your iPhone or Android device can connect with them. Start by downloading the LG app or Midea app and then follow the pairing instructions. This often takes only a few seconds.

The app allows you to control all the same settings as with the remote control. Not only is this more convenient, but you also get more info about the AC. You will receive notifications and warnings that will improve the overall functioning of your wall air conditioner.

Another way you can connect is via voice commands. Both of these integrate with Google Assistant and Alexa. This allows you to issue voice commands to change the temperature, turn the unit on and off, and more.

They are both about the same. We found it was a little easier to connect with Midea, but both are roughly the same.

What’s the Difference Between Midea and LG Dual Inverter?

Curious about what’s the difference between LG and Midea? In many ways they are very similar. Both offer a similar amount of BTUs, which ensures that your room can be properly cooled. We found that Midea offered more BTUs, but both were similar.

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They also both cool rooms in the same way by blasting cool air forward, and they also had similar sound ratings. Another similarity was the connectivity. Both connect via WiFi to your phone, home assistant, or you can use the remote control.

The major difference we found was the installation. While both are easy to install and very secure, the Midea U-Shaped smart air conditioner had a unique bracket that allows your window to move freely. You don’t see this with other ACs, and it felt so much easier.

Midea U Smart Air ConditionerLG Dual Inverter AC

Final Thoughts

This was a tough one, but our Midea U Shaped Inverter vs LG Dual Inverter found that Midea was slightly better. It really came down to the one major difference: the installation. Not only is this unit easier to install, but it allows your window to move freely. Both are great, but we thought this was was better.

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