Midea vs Windmill (Are Smart Air Conditioners Worth It?)

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Smart air conditioners are on the rise and it’s easy to see why. They give you all the power and versatility of a window air conditioner, but allow you to control them with your phone or voice commands. Finding the right one can be tough, but out Midea vs Windmill review will point you in the right direction.

Our Windmill vs Midea review will compare these based on BTUs, coverage area, installation, sound, smarts, and any other difference we can find.

Read on to see if Midea U Shaped Air Conditioner or Windmill Air Conditioner is right for you.

Midea U-Shaped Inverter
Windmill Air Conditioner

Is Midea a Good Brand?

Whether you’re getting a Midea air conditioner or one of their other products, they pride themselves on being the best in the business. While some other brands happen to make air conditioners but really focus on something else, Midea puts air conditioners first.

They are constantly innovating and finding new ways to make you more comfortable. From the Midea U Shaped Air Conditioner to their many other offerings, they produce appliances that keep you cool and happy.

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Is Windmill a Good Brand?

Windmill Air, also known as Windmill AC, is a newer brand by comparison. They take a more modern approach to air conditioners. Not only do they offer a smart AC that has many features, but the design is also meant to blend in with your interior decorating.

Windmill also does carbon offsetting and watches its environmental impact, which ensures it’s a better brand for those who want to be environmentally friendly.


This is one of the most important factors you should consider when buying an air conditioner. The BTUs refers to the amount of power being used, but more importantly, how much area it can properly cool. Some air conditioners promise they can cool large areas, but the BTUs will reveal how much they can actually do.

When it comes to Midea U vs Windmill Air, we have to say that they are very similar.

Midea 8000 BTU air conditioner is able to cover about 350sqft while Windmill Air 8300 BTU air conditioner can cover a little more, but about the same.

This is enough for most rooms, whether it be a bedroom, living room, family room, or anywhere else a smart window air conditioner is needed. Not only that, but they work quickly and will rapidly drop the temperature to a comfortable level.

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We talked about the coverage area above, but now let’s talk about how the air conditioner actually delivers cool air to your room. Believe it or not, most air conditioners differ slightly on this, and you might find that one works better than another.

Midea air conditioner takes a common approach here and pushes cool air forward, which will keep you cool during the summer. Have you ever just stood in front of the air conditioner and let it hit you full blast? It’s cooling and exhilarating all at once. This provides long distance airflow for about 20 feet, so it’ll easily reach the other side of your room.

Windmill air takes a different approach. It pushes air at 45 degree angles. While you don’t get the strong burst of all that you do with Midea, it will provide more even coverage throughout the room. This is good if you won’t be standing right in front of the AC.

So, which is better? It depends on where you’ll be sitting.

If you’ll be sitting near the front of the AC, then you might prefer Midea blasting cool air in your face. If you’ll be sitting off to the side or moving around frequently, then Windmill is better for its even coverage.

Midea U-Shaped Inverter
Windmill Air Conditioner


A window air conditioner must be easy to install, otherwise you may want to pick another unit. Both of these are easy, but Midea comes ahead with a very unique installation method.

Midea uses a quick-snap bracket that cuts down your installation time to just a few minutes. Simply slide the bracket on and your Midea U AC is good to go. It even has an anti-theft lock to prevent people from stealing the AC.

Unlike most window ACs that have the folding gates that prevent you from closing the window, Midea air conditioner doesn’t have that. Instead, the unique bracket actually allows you to open and close your window whenever you want. Yes, that means your window can be open while the AC is running without it falling out of the window.

Windmill Air is simple, but it’s more like the typical installation process. You open the window, place the AC inside, and unfold the gates to keep it secure. While typical isn’t bad, it’s just what you find with most other ACs.

Both are secure, but we have to give the win to Midea U air conditioner. This smart air conditioner window unit is definitely one of the easiest to install, and it has one of the most secure fits we’ve ever seen.

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Windmill vs Midea: Sound

Whether you’re buying an older or cheaper air conditioner, you might find that some units are extremely loud. You want a whisper quiet air conditioner, one that won’t disturb your sleep or make it hard to concentrate during the day.

While one is better than the other here, we can say that they are both extremely quiet. Some people associate a loud whoosing noise to ACs, but these are so quiet that they are like being in a library.

Midea U-Shaped Smart Inverter is only 42dBA, which is almost noiseless, while Windmill is around 48-50dBA, which is closer to a quiet conversation.

While it only seems like a small increase, you’re more likely to hear Windmill while Midea is so quiet you might wonder if it’s working. Both are great, but once again Midea U smart air conditioner is showing that it’s the better of the two.

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Midea vs Windmill: Smarts

Just like other smart home appliances, smart air conditioners are starting to become the norm. It’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t want to use their phone to control their appliances? It’s so much easier than getting up and changing the temperature, and it’s even more convenient than a remote control because your phone is always by you.

The setup is nearly the same. Download the app to your iPhone or Android device (tablets work just as well, so feel free to use your tablet), connect to the AC, and start changing the temperature and other settings. It should only take a few seconds to connect the two. Not only that, but you’ll get extra info like when it’s time to change the filter.

Both of these also offer a dedicated remote control if you’d rather use that. The remote is about the same. Use the buttons to change the temperature and power settings.

Another feature you might like is voice commands. Both of these connect to smart home assistants to take voice commands. Midea works with Alexa and Google Assistant while Windmill also works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

They are nearly identical, and both offer the same simple controls.

What’s the Difference Between Midea and Windmill?

Curious about what’s the difference between Windmill and Midea? They are similar overall, though Midea seemed to come out on top in several ways.

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They both offer about the same BTU at around 8000 (though Windmill offered slightly more), and they both are great at cooling down a room. Midea is better if you’re standing in front of the smart window AC while Windmill Air was more even in its coverage, but both work quite well depending on your preference.

When it comes to installation, Midea is the most unique AC we’ve ever seen. You can easily open and close the window without the AC falling out. Windmill has a more conventional installation, but it’s still secure and good.

Midea is nearly 10dBA quieter, which makes it like a library while Windmill is closer to a quiet conversation. Both are almost the same with smart controls.

While Midea is better overall, some people will prefer Windmill for its other features and offerings.

Midea U-Shaped Inverter
Windmill Air Conditioner

Final Thought

So, which is best when it comes to Midea U vs Windmill Air? They are both amazing, but Midea was the winner in our opinion. The installation is so unique that you have to see it to believe it, the sound was better, and overall it felt stronger with the forced air. However, Windmill provided better overall room coverage, and has slightly higher BTUs.