Midea vs Frigidaire (Best WiFi Air Conditioner)

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Air conditioners have been around for years, but have you tried a smart window air conditioner yet? They take everything great about a regular AC while making it more convenient. Finding the right WiFi air conditioner can be tough, but our Midea vs Frigidaire review will help you find the right one.

Our Frigidaire vs Midea review will focus on BTUs, coverage, installation, sound, smarts, and then any other differences we can find. You’ll know exactly which is right for your room.

Read on to find the best smart air conditioner for your apartment or home.

Midea U Smart Air ConditionerFrigidaire Smart Air Conditioner

What are Smart Air Conditioners?

This is a great question and you might be wondering exactly what they are. Smart home appliances are becoming more common. All of these give you extra control by allowing you to use your phone or other device as a remote control.

For example, if we were talking about a smart thermostat, then you would be able to change the temperature from your phone. You can also set schedules from your device so that your home isn’t cooled or heated while you’re at work. This allows you to save money on energy bills.

A smart air conditioner, also called a WiFi AC unit, gives you extra control through your phone. You can use the associated app to change the temperature, turn the AC on and off, get notifications about the unit’s health, and more. This is so much easier than walking over to the AC. You can even do this from a room or two away with ease.

In terms of Midea U vs Frigidaire Gallery Smart Air Conditioner, both of these offer similar connectivity. This means you can use your phone for either of them, and both work with iPhone and Android. You can also use voice commands, but more on that later.

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You need to consider how much area a smart window AC can cool. If you’ve ever bought an AC and noticed that it was either not strong enough or too strong for your room, then you may have forgotten to check the BTUs. This is a measurement of how efficiently it can cool a room, and more importantly, how large a space it can cool.

Both of these brands offer numerous ratings, but their most popular model each is around 8,000 BTUs. The Midea U 8,000 BTU and Frigidaire Smart AC 8,000 BTU have the exact same rating, but stronger ones are available if needed.

So, how much space can 8,000 BTUs cool? This can cool 350 sq ft, or a room that’s around 20ft by 17.5ft. Most people will find that this works in their bedroom and other rooms throughout the apartment or home.

Since they are both the same here, we cannot recommend one over the other based on this, but let’s keep going to see what else we uncover.

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Midea U vs Frigidaire: Coverage

Some ACs blast cool air forward in a consistent stream while others radiate cool air for even coverage. While neither can be considered better, they each have their pros and cons. We found that Midea Smart AC uses a consistent stream of air while Frigidaire Smart Air Conditioner radiates cool air.

Midea Smart Air Conditioner blasts cool air forward for about 20 feet. This means that it can easily reach the other side of the room without anything getting in its way. The benefit of this is that anything in front of the unit is cooled very quickly, but anything outside of that area will take longer to cool.

Frigidaire Gallery Smart Air Conditioner radiates cool air. While it does have a bit of a stream, it works to more evenly cool a room. The benefit is that the whole room feels the same, consistent temperature. At the same time, it can take longer for the cool air to reach the back of the room.

Another benefit of both units is that they have an inverter. This means that the unit will stay on in low-power mode after the room is the desired temperature. There are two major benefits to this. It will keep the room cool for longer, and it will use much less energy to maintain that temperature.

Both are good, so it depends on where you’ll be sitting. If you’ll be right in front of the AC, then Midea U is better. If you’ll be moving around or others will be in different spots of the room, then Frigidaire might be better.

Midea U Smart Air ConditionerFrigidaire Smart Air Conditioner

Frigidaire vs Midea U: Installation

We found that both units are securely attached when properly installed, but there is a big difference between them. Midea U has one of the most unique installations we’ve ever seen while Frigidaire has a more conventional installation.

Starting with Midea U-Shaped Inverter Smart AC, this unit has a secure bracket that attaches to the bottom of your window frame. Not only is the bracket secure, but it also allows you to fully open and close your window without the AC getting in the way. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Frigidaire on the other hand has a more common installation. You will open the window, place the AC there, open the gates to secure the window, and that’s it. If you’ve installed a window AC before, then you know what this looks like.

Both are great and also highly secure. We preferred Midea because it allows you to open and close the window without the AC getting in the way. Some people might prefer to stay with the conventional installation and we can understand that, but you gain more freedom with Midea.

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Frigidaire vs Midea: Sound

There’s nothing worse than a loud air conditioner. It’s annoying, wakes you up, and it’s a terrible nuisance. While most modern ACs are very quiet, you might be wondering if one is quieter than the other here. Both claim to be very quiet ACs that wouldn’t wake a baby, but let’s compare them to see if one is better than the other.

While there is a difference between them, it’s very minor. Midea U is 43dBA while Frigidaire is 41dBA. Both of these are about as quiet as a library. You might notice it every now and then, but the AC will usually fade into the background even while on the highest setting.

You will barely notice a difference even if the units are right next to each other. While Frigidaire technically wins here, it’s functionally a tie since both are whisper quiet.

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Midea vs Frigidaire: Smarts

As we explained above, WiFi window air conditioners must be able to connect to your device for extra convenience. Unlike regular ACs that only have a remote control or manual controls on the unit itself, these appliances are much easier to use from anywhere in the apartment or home.

We found that both of these are fairly equal in this regard. They both come with a dedicated remote control for changing the temperature, power, or setting a timer. You can also install the Midea app or Frigidaire app to your device for more control. This allows you to use your phone or tablet as the remote control. You’ll also get notifications about the unit’s health (so you’ll know when to change the filter).

Another level of convenience is voice commands. Both of these connect seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant. It should only take a few seconds to pair them. You can then use your voice to turn the unit on or off, change temperature, and more.

We found that not only do they offer all the same connectivity options, but both connect easily. It’s another tie between them.

What’s the Difference Between Midea and Frigidaire?

Curious about what’s the difference between Frigidaire and Midea? We found that these are two very similar models, but there were some important differences along the way.

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They both have the same BTUs, making them ideal for rooms that are 350 sq ft. They also are very quiet. Frigidaire was somewhat quieter, but only by a little. You also get the same connectivity, and they very easily connect to your device.

In terms of installation, Midea is the most unique we’ve ever seen and it gives you more freedom with your window. There’s also the coverage difference. Midea is best if you’re standing in front of the AC while Frigidaire cools the room more evenly, but both will ensure that your room is cool and comfortable.

Midea U Smart Air ConditionerFrigidaire Smart Air Conditioner

Final Thoughts

It’s basically a draw between them, but we have to say we like Midea a little more due to the installation. However, Frigidaire is nearly identical and it might be better for rooms where people are in different areas. We think you’ll be happy with either, but out pick here was Midea U.

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