Medify MA-40 vs MA-50 (Which Medify Purifier Should I Choose?)

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If you’re looking for an air filter for your home or apartment, then you may have seen the Medify air filters. This woman-owned company produces some of the best air filters for homes because they are powerful, quiet, and full of features. Today we’re comparing two of their best models with our Medify MA-40 vs MA-50 review.

Our Medify MA-50 vs MA-40 review will compare these based on coverage area, clean air delivery rate (CADR), their HEPA filter, fan speeds, and other special features.

Read on to find out who wins.

Medify MA-40Medify MA-50

Coverage Area

Every air filter has a specific coverage area. This is why you sometimes notice that an air purifier only cleans one or two rooms, but not the others. Getting a small air purifier for a large room is often a mistake because it will only clean a portion of the area. On the other side, getting a larger air purifier for a small room means that you’re spending more than you need to.

With that being said, you might be wondering what the coverage area is of the Medify MA40 and MA50.

The Medify MA-40 coverage area is 840 sq. ft. This makes it a pretty big air purifier that is able to clean one very large room or even a whole apartment depending on the layout. Many people use this as their main air purifier while having a small one here and there for extra coverage.

The Medify MA-50 coverage area is 1,100 sq. ft. That allows it to clean an even bigger area. This is ideal for offices, very large rooms, or your main unit for the whole home or apartment.

Honestly, both are great, especially when compared to tiny units. You need to consider the size of your room to see which one fits you best. Compared to the entire market, but are amazing. However, when it comes to Medify MA50 vs MA40, it’s obvious that MA50 is the winner here.

In reality though, you should measure your room and see which is right for you.

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Medify MA-40 vs MA-50: Clean Air Delivery Rate

Also known as CADR, this is an objective measurement of how effective the air purifier is. This measures the amount of air that it’s able to clean per minute based on the overall cubic feet per minute.

Much like the ideal coverage area, this depends on the area of your room. So, what is a good CADR? The CADR should equal about two-thirds of the area or more to be effective. For example, let’s say that you have a room with an area of 150 feet. A CADR of 100 or more would be good.

This is a measurement of how well the purifier is able to remove smoke, pollen, and dust from the air, so those with allergies will really want to pay attention to this section.

The Medify MA-40 CADR is 380 while the Medify MA-50 CADR is 500. In general, anything above 200 is great, so both of these surpass many of the other similarly sized purifiers on the market.

That being said, once again we find ourselves saying that MA50 is the superior unit. At the same time, remember to run the numbers and see which is best for you. In order to effectively remove smoke, pollen, and dust from the air, the CADR must be two-thirds of the room’s area or more.

And yes, a bigger CADR is always better. The only caveat to that is that better CADR usually commands a higher price, but this means that the machine is functioning better.

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Medify MA-50 vs MA-40: Filter Type

Both of these use the same HEPA filter, but we want to cover it so that you understand why Medify is such a powerful air purifier brand.

Medify uses HEPA H13 filters in all of their purifiers. These are some of the best as they are rated higher than true HEPA filters and they remove 99.9% of particles such as dust, smoke, viruses, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and more.

They also both use two filters that have three layers of protection (equalling six total layers). Each layer catches more allergens, toxins, and more to ensure they are removed from the air. You can breathe easier with these filters protecting you.

The filters are slightly different sizes because the MA-50 is bigger than the MA-40, but that’s the only major difference.

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Fan Speeds

Having different fan speeds allows you to either save power by having it low, or you can clean a room faster by turning it up to the highest speed. These two are very similar when it comes to fan speeds, but there is a small difference. Both of them have a touch panel to access the speeds and other features.

Medify MA40 has three fan speeds while Medify MA50 has four fan speeds. The extra fan speed on MA50 allows it to run a little faster than MA40. This can be good if you have allergies, frequently deal with bad odors, or have neighbors who smoke.

While they are very similar, MA50 is the winner here.

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Special Features

These both have special features that give you even more with your purchase. Let’s talk about the shared special features first and then see if either have unique features.

Both of these have a timer. The MA40 Medify has a timer that runs from 0-8 hours while the MA50 Medify has a time for 2-12 hours. They both include a filter replacement indicator, child lock, and an attractive touch screen at the top.

MA40 doesn’t have any features not seen on the MA50, but the MA50 has one very special feature you’re sure to love. It uses UV disinfection to further remove harmful particles from the air. This is one more layer of protection that keeps you safe and lets you breathe easier.

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What is the Difference Between Medify MA-40 and MA-50?

Curious about what is the difference between Medify MA50 and MA40? In some areas they are very similar, while in others they can be quite different. Both of these offer superior air flow and quickly clean the air.

As a larger unit, MA50 is able to clean more air and do it quicker, but MA40 isn’t that far behind. MA40 is better for apartments and medium to somewhat large rooms while MA50 can cover an entire apartment and very large rooms. They use the same HEPA H13 filters, but MA50 includes UV disinfection for even better air quality.

They both have similar special features. Both include a timer (though the hour amounts are different), filter change lights, touchscreen operation, and a child lock.

Medify MA-40Medify MA-50

Final Thoughts

So, which is better when it comes to Medify MA-40 vs MA-50? In terms of power, MA-50 is clearly the winner. However, our Medify MA-40 review found that it’s ideal for many people because it’s a lower price and it can clean a large area. At the same time, our Medify MA-50 review found that it’s better for those with even larger areas or those who want UV disinfection.