Zinus vs Casper (Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers)

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There are several big brands dominating the memory foam mattress market. Today our Zinus vs Casper review is going to reveal which of these is the best for your bedroom. Both have solid reviews and are known for feeling great, but which mattress is best for your home or apartment?

Our Casper vs Zinus review is going to compare them based on customer reviews, sizes, heights, material, firmness, and any special features we find. We are specifically comparing Zinus Green Tea Mattress vs Casper Element in this review.

Read on to find out which mattress is best for your home.

Zinus Green TeaCasper Element

What is Zinus Green Tea Bed?

The Zinus Green Tea memory foam bed is a unique mattress that adds green tea and charcoal to the memory foam. This might seem like an odd addition, but many people love how it feels. They say the green tea improves the mattress’s comfort, and that it makes them feel rested and refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

This is currently their most popular offering, and the most popular mattress on Amazon. That alone speaks for itself. Not only that, but the price is very reasonable when you consider all the benefits this mattress offers.

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What is Casper Element?

Casper Element is their entry-level mattress, but don’t let “entry-level” make you think this mattress isn’t comfortable. This memory foam bed uses AirScape technology. This is a special layer of foam that has been perforated to allow for extra breathability without affecting firmness, durability or comfort.

Many people say they love how this mattress feels. This is a perfect all-arounder for those who want both support and coolness from their mattress.

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What Others are Saying

Customer reviews are always helpful. You can see what others are saying about the mattress, and you can see how popular they are. While popular doesn’t always mean good, it does mean that more people tried the mattress. You can see how well they perform under everyday use, and we think that’s the most important part.

Zinus Customer Reviews

The Zinus Amazon reviews are absolutely glowing. This is the most popular memory foam mattress and the most popular green tea mattress. It tops the charts at Amazon and currently has nearly 120K reviews and a 4.4 star rating. It’s hard to find other products with so many reviews.

So, what are the reviews saying? Most people focus on how great the mattress feels and that it lives up to high expectations. Not only is the green tea foam highly supportive, but many people found that it improved their sleep overall.

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Casper Customer Reviews

How do the Casper Amazon reviews hold up? While not as popular as Zinus, the Casper Element reviews are good with nearly 4K reviews and an overall 4.6 rating. Many reviewers found the mattress to be very comfortable without getting too hot. Memory foam is known for heating up, so special layers are often needed for this if you overheat.

Many people enjoy this mattress and found that it gives them a restful night’s sleep.

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Sizes and Heights

You want to ensure that the mattress comes in the right size and height for you. Why get a king mattress if you really need a queen? Or why settle on a twin when you need a twin XL? We’re going to compare the different sizes and heights here so you know which is right for you.

Zinus Sizes

This mattress comes in many sizes, basically all the ones you can think of. The full list includes:

  • Zinus Mattress Twin
  • Zinus Mattress Twin XL 
  • Zinus Mattress Narrow Twin 
  • Zinus Mattress Full 
  • Zinus Mattress Queen 
  • Zinus Mattress Short Queen 
  • Zinus Mattress King 
  • Zinus Mattress California King 

Zinus Height

Not only does it offer numerous sizes, but you can also choose from various heights.

  • Zinus 6” Mattress
  • Zinus 8” Mattress
  • Zinus 10” Mattress
  • Zinus 12” Mattress

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Casper Mattress Sizes

While the Casper Element sizes aren’t as numerous as Zinus, you get nearly as many sizes. You can choose from:

  • Casper Element Twin
  • Casper Element Twin XL
  • Casper Element Full
  • Casper Element Queen
  • Casper Element King
  • Casper Element California King

Casper Element Height

Here’s one area where Casper really falls short. While Zinus offers many heights, Casper only offers one:

  • Caper Element 10 Inches

Zinus wins overall, but we will say that Casper has the most popular sizes covered. Not only that, but 10 inch mattresses are very common, so this will likely work for you unless you want something shorter or taller.

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Both of these are memory foam mattresses, but their construction is very different. The vast majority of foam beds are made from multiple layers of foam (or other materials, especially with hybrid mattresses). It’s these different layers that change how the bed feels.

Zinus uses a three-layer design. The middle layer is pressure relief comfort foam. This is somewhat firm, supports your body, and provides comfort as you sleep. The bottom layer is high-density foam that provides more support and durability.

The top layer is the most unique. This layer is infused with green tea and charcoal. Not only does this impart many health benefits and better sleep, but it also resists odors and is very breathable.

Casper uses two-layer construction for their Element mattress. The bottom layer is durable, high-density foam meant to keep you comfortable while preventing sinking and sagging. This ensures your body is supported throughout the whole night.

The top layer is made from AirScape foam. This is perforated foam that improves airflow to ensure you don’t overheat. While Zinus is fairly cool due to its open air pockets, many agree that Casper is a little cooler due to the perforation.

Those who overheat easily might like Casper a little more, but most people feel that Zinus’s construction feels better and gives them a better night’s sleep.

Zinus Green TeaCasper Element

Casper vs Zinus: Firmness

This section is a matter of preference, but we will say that Zinus gives you more options, but some people might still prefer what Casper offers.

While some mattresses allow you to choose the firmness, Zinus changes the firmness based on the bed’s height. The 6 inch ZInus is firm, 8 inch Zinus is medium-firm, 10 inch Zinus is soft, and 12 inch Zinus is also soft.

Casper Element is firm. That’s the only firmness option available, but there are many people who want a 10 inch firm mattress, so this becomes a matter of preference.

You might also be wondering which firmness is right for you. While there is preference for one or another, it really depends on your sleeping style. This is what is commonly recommended:

  • Firm: stomach sleepers
  • Medium-Firm: stomach or back sleepers
  • Soft: side sleepers

We like how Zinus has more options, but we also think that Casper’s 10 inch firm mattress is a good choice.

Zinus vs Casper: Special Features

Nearly every mattress has some special features, and these two definitely offer a few. Aside from the different materials and construction, this really separates the mattresses as well and helps you choose the right one for your bedroom.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea offers a breathable mattress with open air pockets that will keep you cool, provides motion isolation to you don’t feel your partner moving around, odor resistance, CertiPUR-US memory foam for enhanced support, and of course the green tea infusion that makes you feel more rested.

Casper Element also has special features. It is the perfect balance between comfort and support. The AirScapeTM memory foam is perforated for better cooling so you don’t overheat. The memory foam is ideal for supporting pressure points while also cradling the natural curves of your body. Another benefit is that the base foam is strong and prevents sagging, which makes it more durable overall. You also get an eco-friendly cover that’s recycled and easily comes off.

What is the Difference Between Zinus and Casper?

Curious about what is the difference between Casper and Zinus? Since we are reviewing two specific mattresses here, it would also be good to consider what is the difference between Zinus Green Tea Mattress and Casper Element.

The most significant difference is their construction, specifically with the top layer of memory foam. Zinus has a green tea infusion while Casper uses perforated memory foam for enhanced breathability.

Zinus offers more sizes and significantly more firmness levels, but some people might prefer the Casper 10 inch firm mattress. Zinus is better at motion isolation, but Casper has an eco-friendly cover and the foam is better at preventing sagging.

Zinus Green TeaCasper Element

Final Thoughts

So, which is best in our Zinus vs Casper review? Both are great and it’s hard to choose between Casper vs Zinus, but we think Zinus is better overall. It offers more options, sizes, and the green tea infusion feels amazing.

At the same time, those who want a firmer or cooler bed might prefer Casper Element. This is an amazing mattress and thousands of people love it. While it may not be as popular as Zinus, it has some amazing features you’re sure to love.