Zinus vs Linenspa (Best Selling Mattresses on Amazon)

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Picking the right mattress can be tough, especially when you have top brands competing against each other. Today our Zinus vs Linenspa review is going to compare these top brands to see which is best for you. There are numerous differences, so you’re sure to find the right one for your bedroom.

Our Linenspa vs Zinus review is going to compare them based on customer reviews, sizes, heights, material, firmness, and then any special features we can find.

Read on to see if Zinus or Linenspa will help you catch some Z’s.

Zinus Green TeaLinenspa Hybrid

Is Zinus a Good Brand?

In 1979, Youn Jae Lee, began his business in nature, making tents in South Korea. He eventually changed focus and moved Zinus to home products and has produced mattresses and furniture in over 15 nations across the globe. Zinus focuses on putting joy in the home and bedroom.

So, is Zinus good? We found that not only are they very popular, but this brand definitely deserves its success as it has over 18 million happy customers around the world.

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Is Linenspa a Good Brand?

In 2003, Linenspa set out to make comfortable sheets and bedding at affordable prices everyone can afford. They began by making the comfiest, most reasonable bedding available. They have since increased their product line. Not only do Linenspa mattresses feel good on your wallet, but they are a wonderful addition to any bedroom.

So, is Linenspa good? We found that numerous people love this brand, and it’s currently one of the top brands on Amazon and around the world.

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What Others are Saying

Customer reviews are handy as they show you what to expect when you bring the mattress into your home. Some mattresses sound amazing when you read their product specs, but then they just aren’t as good as you expect.

Let’s take a look at what others are saying.

Zinus Green Tea Reviews

When you check out the Zinus Amazon reviews, or look at Zinus Reddit, you’ll find that it’s an amazing brand with a huge fan following. It has amassed nearly 120K reviews at this point and has a 4.4 star rating.

The bulk of reviews talk about how comfortable the mattress feels, how the green tea infusion is so relaxing, and that the bed really cradles your body and gives you a great night’s sleep. As of this writing, Zinus is the number one bed on Amazon.

Linenspa Hybrid Reviews

The Linenspa Amazon reviews, or even the Linenspa Reddit reviews, are just as good. We’ve looked at many other mattresses, and very few can stand up to how popular Zinus is, but Linenspa has a fighting chance. This bed has 119K reviews and a 4.5 rating. It’s actually the number two bed on Amazon right now.

Many reviews are saying how great hybrid beds feel, that they were surprised it was so easy to ship, and that it feels amazing when you sleep on it.

Sizes and Heights

You want to ensure that the mattress you choose comes in the size and height you want. There’s nothing worse than picking the wrong size, so let’s compare them to see what they both offer.

Zinus Sizes

  • Twin Zinus
  • Twin XL Zinus
  • Narrow Twin Zinus
  • Full Zinus
  • Queen Zinus
  • Short Queen Zinus
  • King Zinus
  • California King Zinus

Zinus Heights

  • 6” Mattress Zinus
  • 8” Mattress Zinus 
  • 10” Mattress Zinus 
  • 12” Mattress Zinus

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Linenspa Sizes

  • Twin Linenspa
  • Twin XL Linenspa
  • Full Linenspa
  • Queen Linenspa
  • Short Queen Linenspa
  • King Linenspa
  • California King Linenspa

Linenspa Heights

  • 8” Mattress Linenspa 
  • 10” Mattress Linenspa
  • 12” Mattress Linenspa

Zinus offers one more size and height, the narrow twin and 6 inch mattress. While it’s good to have more options, these two are basically tied as they offer nearly the same number of options. We’re confident that you can find exactly what you want from either of these brands.

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Zinus vs Linenspa: Material

These are two very different mattresses. Zinus is a memory foam mattress that is made from three layers of memory foam. The top layer is the softest and infused with green tea, the middle layer is a bit denser for support, and the bottom layer is the densest for enhanced durability.

Linenspa is a hybrid mattress. This means that it combines both innerspring and memory foam beds into one. It has a top layer made of memory foam and then has an innerspring core underneath that.

So, are hybrid or memory foam beds better? It really depends on what you want.

Memory foam is incredible at restricting movement transfer. The coils in hybrid beds are cooler than foam, making hybrid mattresses better at dispersing heat. Assuming you like the sensation of being embraced by your mattress, then memory foam is for you. Hybrid pads give more of a bounce though.

It comes down to what you want. Both are amazing, so we can’t say one is truly better than the other from an objective perspective.

Zinus Green TeaLinenspa Hybrid

Linenspa vs Zinus: Firmness

How firm are Zinus and Linenspa mattresses? Some brands let you choose the firmness, but both of these have a different firmness based on the height. Make sure you pay attention to this when ordering because you don’t want to get the wrong one.


  • 6 Inch: Firm
  • 8 Inch: Medium-Firm
  • 10 Inch: Soft
  • 12 Inch: Soft


  • 8 Inch: Medium-Firm
  • 10 Inch: Medium
  • 12 Inch: Plush/Soft

Linenspa has more firm options while Zinus offers more soft options. Once again, it really comes down to what you want from your mattress along with your sleeping style. Firm mattresses are best for stomach sleepers, medium-firm is good for back or stomach sleepers, and soft is best for side sleepers.

Zinus vs Linenspa: Special Features

Every mattress has some special features that distinguish it from the competition.

Zinus special features include a breathable mattress that has open air pockets for better circulation and cooling. It provides good motion isolation, CertiPUR-US foam for the best support, the green tea infusion, and odor resistance.

Linenspa is fairly cool as there is less memory foam, it has great motion isolation, and it combines the benefits of both conventional innerspring beds and memory foam. The mattress ships in a box and is easy to move around. Just remove it from the box and wait for it to fully inflate. This also includes strong edge support so you don’t roll off the mattress.

What is the Difference Between Zinus and Linenspa?

Curious about what is the difference between Linenspa and Zinus? We actually found a good number of differences between them.

They offer nearly the same sizes and heights, but their material is very different. Zinus is a green tea memory foam mattress while Linenspa is a hybrid mattress. They are number one and two on Amazon respectively, so they are incredibly popular.

Both are fairly cool, but we would say that Linenspa is a bit cooler. It also provides better motion isolation, but Zinus is able to cradle your body with its memory foam.

Zinus Green TeaLinenspa Hybrid

Final Thoughts

So, which is better when it comes to Zinus vs Linenspa? They are honestly tied. These are amazing mattresses with many amazing qualities, so it comes down to whether you prefer memory foam or hybrid. They are both popular for a reason, and that’s because they are at the top of their games.

Let us know which one you chose, we’d love to hear it.