Zinus vs Nectar (Best Foam Mattress for the Money)

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Finding the best foam mattress for the money is tough, especially since there are so many options to compare. We searched high and low and found that many people were curious about a Zinus vs Nectar review. Our comparison will show you which mattress is right for your bedroom.

This Nectar vs Zinus review will compare them based on customer reviews, size, thickness, material, firmness, and any special features we can find.

Read on to find the best gel foam mattress for the money.

Zinus Green TeaNectar Gel Memory Foam

What is Zinus Green Tea Mattress?

Zinus is best known for their green tea foam mattress, but you might be wondering what a green tea mattress is and what benefits a green tea mattress has. This is similar to conventional memory foam, but the material has been infused with a proprietary blend of green tea and charcoal.

Aside from feeling amazing, Zinus mattresses are said to improve your sleep and the green tea infusion gives you a clean and rested feeling. Plus, many people have found that this improves the foam texture, making it a wonderful addition to your bedroom.

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What is Nectar Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

The Nectar gel memory foam mattress is their biggest seller, and it’s easy to see why. This mattress is built with five layers of comfort, starting with a soft and airy top, then an adaptive response layer that gives you support as you enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Not only that, but the designers at Nectar consider how your body moves and reacts while sleeping. From firmer side support to a reinforced base, they have developed unrivaled mattresses that many people love.

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What Others are Saying

Sometimes mattresses look great when you’re reading about them, but customer reviews can show you how they really hold up under daily use. Not only that, but you can see which ones are more popular and if you’re making a smart decision.

We are going to compare the Amazon reviews to see what they reveal and to see which is more popular.

Zinus Amazon Reviews

To be honest, the Zinus customer reviews are absolutely fantastic. This is currently the number one mattress on Amazon (not the number one foam mattress or number one green tea mattress, but the number one in all categories) and the reviews speak for themselves.

Zinus memory foam green tea mattress has amassed over 115K reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

From being called the “Oprah of mattresses” to sleepers of all shapes and sizes giving their approval, this is definitely the mattress to beat, and it’s clearly the best foam mattress for the money.

Nectar Amazon Reviews

While the Nectar customer reviews aren’t quite as good in terms of number, this mattress has nearly the same star rating and a strong following. Nectar has amassed 2.8K reviews and a 4.4 star rating, which signifies a strong product that is high on the leaderboards.

Many of the reviews are people swearing by this mattress and saying how rested they felt. Some sleepers also said how useful the extra edge support was, especially for those who toss and turn, and that the added layers make this a very comfortable mattress.

Size and Thickness

You want to make sure that the mattress size and thickness is right for you. Getting a mattress that’s too big is a waste of money while one that’s too small is uncomfortable. You also want it to be thick enough.

A thin mattress is better for some people, but others need a thicker mattress to support them as they sleep.

Let’s quickly cover the different sizes and thicknesses offered by Zinus and Nectar.

Zinus Mattress Sizes

  • Zinus Green Tea Twin Mattress
  • Zinus Green Tea Twin XL Mattress
  • Zinus Green Tea Narrow Twin Mattress
  • Zinus Green Tea Full Mattress
  • Zinus Green Tea Queen Mattress
  • Zinus Green Tea Short Queen Mattress
  • Zinus Green Tea King Mattress
  • Zinus Green Tea California King Mattress

Zinus Mattress Thickness

  • Zinus Green Tea 6 inches
  • Zinus Green Tea 8 inches
  • Zinus Green Tea 10 inches
  • Zinus Green Tea 12 inches

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Nectar Mattress Sizes

  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress
  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam Twin XL Mattress
  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam Full Mattress
  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress
  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam California King Mattress

Nectar Mattress Thickness

  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam 12 inches
  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam 13 inches
  • Nectar Gel Memory Foam 14 inches

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As you can see in this head to head Zinus vs Nectar comparison, Zinus offers more sizes and more thicknesses, but those who like very thick mattresses might prefer Nectar. Plus, while Zinus has more options, Nectar offers the most popular ones, so you should have no problem finding what you need.

Zinus vs Nectar: Material

Both of these are memory foam mattresses, but their material and construction are slightly different. Nectar is more sophisticated, but Zinus has a unique blend and is more affordable.

The Zinus green tea bed uses memory foam with a unique green tea and charcoal infusion. Many people love green tea beds because it improves the texture of the foam, and many people feel more rested on these beds.

These mattresses have three layers. There is the top layer with the green tea infusion, a middle layer for comfort, and then a high-density base layer for support.

Nectar gel memory foam beds use five layers and are infused with gel. Not only does this gel make the bed firmer, but it better supports your weight and prevents motion from transferring. Another major benefit is that it reduces heat, which is perfect for those who sleep hot.

Nectar was constructed for amazing edge support, and the mattress layers give you optimal support throughout the whole night.

Zinus Green TeaNectar Gel Memory Foam

Nectar vs Zinus: Firmness

You need the mattress firmness to match your sleep preferences and style. Some people like how firm mattresses feel while others prefer softer mattresses. Not only that, but sleep style can determine which is right for you. For example, stomach sleepers do best on firm mattresses while side sleepers prefer medium to soft beds.

Nectar only offers a medium firmness bed. The Zinus firmness is dependent on the thickness. The 6 inch mattress is firm, the 8 inch is medium-firm, the 10 inch is soft, and the 12 inch is a bit softer.

Medium is the overall best and both offer that, but those who want either soft or very firm will find more options with Zinus than with Nectar.

Zinus vs Nectar: Special Features

Neither of these are standard mattresses. They are made to offer you a better sleeping experience. As such, they both have special features you’re sure to love.

Zinus offers motion isolation, open air pockets to reduce overheating, the green tea infusion, moisture wicking, odor resistance, and CertiPUR-US certified foam for the best spinal support.

Nectar mattresses are cooling and breathable, provide support on pressure points throughout the body, have minimal motion transfer, and an aloe-based gel for added coolness while sleeping.

What is the Difference Between Zinus and Nectar?

Curious about what is the difference between Nectar and Zinus? We found that while there are some similarities, there were more differences between these two mattresses.

Zinus offered more sizes and thicknesses, but Nectar provided the most popular options and was thicker overall. Both offer unique memory foam materials. Zinus uses a green tea infusion while Nectar offers gel foam. Nectar only offered medium firmness while Zinus offered firm, medium, and soft mattresses.

Both provide motion isolation, are cooling, and they support your body all night long.

Zinus Green TeaNectar Gel Memory Foam

Final Thoughts

So, which is better? Our Zinus vs Nectar mattress review found that Zinus offered more options overall, we loved the green tea infusion, and it was an amazing mattress. Not only that, but it cost less and felt fantastic.

However, Nectar felt more like a premium mattress. It was much thicker, felt cooler and more breathable, and it allows you to sink into the comfort without drowning in memory foam. While it’s the more expensive option, it truly is worth the cost.