Levoit Core 300S vs Aroeve Air Purifier (Best Rated Amazon Air Purifiers)

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Finding the right air purifier for your bedroom or other rooms can be tough as there are so many options. Not only do you need to consider the coverage area and special features, but you should also consider how well they actually clean the air. Our Levoit Core 300S vs Aroeve Air Purifier H13 review will show you which one is best for your needs.

Our Aroeve Air Purifier vs Levoit Core 300S review will compare these based on coverage, CADR, filters, fan speeds, special features, and then any other differences we can find.

While Aroeve Purifier has some unique features, we found that Levoit Smart Core is far better as it’s more well rounded, and has more features overall.

Levoit Core 300SAroeve Air Purifier

What is the Most Highly Recommended Smart Air Purifier?

There are thousands of different air purifiers to choose from, but we found that the most popular and efficient lineup of smart air purifiers would be Levoit Smart Core. Just take a quick look on Amazon and you’ll see that the Levoit purifiers make up most of the top 10 air purifiers on Amazon.

We’re looking specifically at the 300S here, but every other model also has exceptional reviews, amazing features, and are great for your home. It really depends on how much space you want to clean. While the 300S is good for one room, the other models are often better for larger rooms or even the whole home.

Along with having tons of features, Levoit is also at a comfortable price point that reflects that value you’re getting.

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Coverage Area

You must always check this when buying an air purifier. The coverage area tells you how much space the purifier can clean. Normally the stated coverage area reflects how much space it can clean five times an hour. They can usually clean larger areas, but at reduced efficiency. While there is a difference here between the two purifiers, they are basically the same.

What is the Levoit Smart Core 300S coverage area? This model is able to clean 219 sqft five times an hour. This should be good for most bedrooms, dinings rooms, and other smaller rooms.

What is the Aroeve Air Purifier coverage area? This is able to clean 215 sqft five times an hour. This is nearly the same and is also good for dinings rooms, bedrooms, smaller living rooms, and so on.

While there is a difference between them and Levoit has a somewhat larger coverage area, the difference is negligible.

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Aroeve Air Purifier vs Levoit Smart Core 300S: CADR

This means Clean Air Delivery Rate and it refers to how well the purifier is able to remove contaminants from the air. A higher CADR number means that it does a better job of making your air more breathable. Smaller purifiers can get away with lower numbers, but you want to ensure that the CADR is at least 100, but higher is better.

While the CADR is close here, Levoit is the better of the two.

Levoit 300S has a CADR of 140, which is quite good for its size. Aroeve Air Purifier UV has a CADR rating of 130, which reflects the smaller coverage area and is similar to Levoit.

In general, we’d say that you’re in good hands with either of them. Levoit wins, but it’s functionally a tie since the rating isn’t that different between them.

Levoit Core 300SAroeve Air Purifier

Aroeve Air Purifier vs Levoit Core 300S: HEPA Filter

Another similarity is the filter. HEPA filters are amazing at capturing contaminants like dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and more. But, both of these purifiers actually have filters that are better than the standard HEPA rating. This makes them quite fantastic at keeping your air clean.

Both Levoit and Aroeve come with H13 filters. These filters are designed to remove at least 99.97% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size. This is among the best protection you can get, and it removes nearly everything from the air, ensuring that it’s breathable and great for those with asthma, breathing problems, allergies, and more.

However, one benefit that Levoit has is that you can buy specialized filters for smoke, pets, and toxins. The standard filter is great, but you can remove more of specific contaminants with these specialized filters.

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Levoit Smart Core 300S vs Aroeve Air Purifier: Fan Speeds

Here’s where we start seeing some big differences. While both have several different fan speeds to choose from, Levoit has far more options. This allows you to pick the exact speed you need, and as you’ll soon see, it does a lot of the work for you.

Levoit 300S comes with five settings. You get three main speed settings: low, medium, and high. Then there’s Levoit Sleep Mode. This is extremely quiet and will continue cleaning the air even as you sleep, which is ideal for those who are light sleepers.

Lastly there is Auto Mode, which we consider the best. This mode monitors the air quality and changes the speed as needed to keep your air as fresh as possible. Instead of guessing if one speed is better than another, Levoit will use the right speed at the right time.

Aroeve only has two speed settings: low and high. It also has a Sleep Mode. Much like Levoit, this is a quiet setting that continues to clean the air while hardly making a sound.

Both are good, but Levoit Smart 300S is far better with nearly double the number of settings and the intuitive Auto Mode.

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Levoit Core 300S vs Aroeve Air Purifier: Special Features

While Aroeve H13 Air Purifier has one unique feature, Levoit 300S is the big winner here as it comes with so many extra features that are functional and versatile.

Let’s start with the Levoit 300S smart features. As we stated above, Levoit has Auto Mode that monitors the air quality and adjust speed accordingly to keep your room fresh. You can also pair your phone with the purifier so that you can control the purifier from the Levoit app.

Along with that, the app allows you to see the air quality rating, set schedules, change speeds, turn the purifier on and off, and far more.

What about Aroeve though? The one special feature it has, and one that isn’t included with Levoit, is UV purification. The Aroeve Air Purifier UV feature is good against bacteria and viruses. While Levoit does a wonderful job against these, Aroeve UV is somewhat better.

While the UV feature is nice, you get so much more with Levoit.

What is the Difference Between Levoit Core 300S and Aroeve Air Purifier?

Curious about what is the difference between Aroeve Air Purifier and Levoit Core 300? They are similar in many ways, but there are some key differences to be aware of, especially when it comes to special features.

They have nearly the same coverage area and are both intended for a single room (and a smaller one at that). They also have a similar CADR rating, though Levoit is somewhat better and you can choose specialized filters for better cleaning. Speaking of filters, both of them use H13 true HEPA filters for enhanced cleaning.

We start seeing differences when it comes to their fan speeds. Levoit has five settings (three speeds, Sleep Mode, Auto Mode), while Aroeve only has three settings (two speeds and Sleep Mode).

In terms of special features, Levoit is full of smart features that pair with your phone while Aroeve only has UV cleaning.

Levoit Core 300SAroeve Air Purifier

Final Thoughts

Both purifiers are great and Aroeve is at a better price, but we found that Levoit 300S gives you so much more and is significantly more convenient, especially due to the app connectivity. Aroeve might be good if you want to save some money, but you’re getting the most value with Levoit.