Lockly vs Ring: Key Differences You Need to Know

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Lockly vs Ring is a unique debate because they are two different products that intersect at your door. This is the same debate as smart locks vs smart doorbells. Lockly is a smart lock manufacturer that keeps you safe while Ring doorbells give you a camera to see who’s at the door. However, while they offer very different features, we can help you choose which is right for you.

We’re going to look at both brands to see their pros, cons, and differences before telling you which is best for your needs. They both make you safer and guard your door, but in very different ways.

Lockly Pros and Cons

Lockly Pros

Lockly smart locks are easy to use, but they have a unique security feature that keeps people from guessing your passwords. You may notice the numbered keypad on the front. You might also notice that it looks different than standard keypad locks.

The numbers keep changing order when you push a button. It’s easy enough to use if you know the code, but almost impossible to guess if you don’t. Thieves can use tricks like seeing which buttons are worn to guess the passcode, but this system prevents that.

But let’s say that you forgot the Lockly code. How can you get in? There’s a fingerprint scanner that gives you immediate access. Most Lockly smart locks, like the Lockly Secure Pro and Lockly Bluetooth, store up to 99 fingerprints.

These locks also come with spare keys, just in case you need them.

They are also surprisingly easy to install. The instructions are clear and you should have them installed within a few minutes. They use both Bluetooth and WiFi (WiFi bridge required), and even respond to Alexa and Google voice commands to unlock the door.

The Lockly app also has a number of useful features. You can change the access code, see how often the door is used, unlock the door remotely, and more.

Lockly Cons

The vast majority of Lockly locks don’t have a camera or allow you to speak to people at the door. However, it seems that Lockly might start making their own doorbells. At this time they only make locks.

While they do connect to WiFi, you have to buy a separate WiFi bridge to connect it. You can get around this by connecting via Bluetooth, but WiFi tends to be more reliable.

While there is smart home integration with Alexa and Google, this lock can only do so many things via voice commands. It can lock and unlock, that’s about it. Those are the most appropriate commands, but it’d still be nice to get more. It’s also not compatible with Apple smart home equipment.

Recommended Lockly Products

Lockly Secure Plus

Lockly Secure Plus is their premier smart lock. Users can create a 6-8 digit code, use the 3D fingerprint scanner with up to 99 unique fingerprints, and you also get two backup keys. The touchscreen lock will be disabled if someone guesses the code wrong three times in a row, which requires entering the right code twice.

With auto-locking features, one-touch locking and unlocking, and a detailed app to monitor usage and control access, this smart lock has everything you need.

Lockly Secure

This is the entry-level Lockly smart lock. While it might be the most affordable, you’re getting a lot of power and nearly all the features from the other Lockly systems. It comes with the 3D fingerprint sensor and you can save up to 99 fingerprints for secure access. Plus, the 6-8 digit code is safe with the PIN Genie algorithm.

You get the Lockly app, auto-locking, one-touch locking, and so much more. If you want an affordable Lockly app with all the best features, then this is right for you.

Lockly Secure Pro

This is Lockly’s top-tier model. It comes with all the features we’ve discussed thus far, like the 99 unique fingerprints, 3D fingerprint scanner, the Lockly app, and the robust PIN Genie algorithm that keeps your code secure. It also has special offline features to allow secure entry even if the WiFi or Bluetooth is down.

Speaking on online connections, the Lockly Secure Pro comes with a WiFi connection accessory. This doesn’t come with the other locks, so be sure to get this one if you want a WiFi connection.

Ring Pros and Cons

Ring Pros

Next up with our Ring vs Lockly review is the Ring doorbell. This system connects to your device and shows you a video of who is at the doorbell. It includes motion detection so that the doorbell activates as someone is walking up. Your connected device will alert you immediately so that you know who’s at the door.

Not only that, but Ring Video Doorbell also allows you to speak with and hear the person at the door. You can give delivery people instructions, talk to friends as you’re moving to the door, and so on.

Ring doorbell includes a rechargeable battery that quickly charges and usually lasts a long time. You also get cloud storage with Ring that can save videos so that you can view them later. You can also connect Ring to Alexa for voice commands.

This doorbell is remarkably resistant to weathering and should handle most storms with ease. It’s also easy to install, the Ring app is intuitive, allows you to view people in real time, check saved videos, and more.

Ring Cons

One of the biggest cons is the rechargeable battery. While it usually lasts long, that depends on the motion sensor. If you’re in an area with high winds or lots of foot traffic, then the Ring video smart doorbell might activate unnecessarily throughout the day, wasting its battery. It’s often better to connect it to a permanent power source.

While it’s easy to connect Ring smart doorbell to WiFi, please make sure you have a strong WiFi signal. Speaking of WiFi, check out our Google Nest WiFi vs Google WiFi article for great routers. This records video in 720p or 1080p (depending on the model), and that requires a lot of data.

Ring’s cloud storage is free at first, but then you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. Honestly, while no one likes to pay a monthly expense, it’s better to do so to ensure you can access videos when you need them.

Recommended Ring Products

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

This is one of Ring’s most popular and powerful models. Ring 3 Plus records in 1080p and allows you to see, hear, and speak with people on the other side. You can do this at home or while away through your smartphone. This has enhanced motion detection, privacy zones, and it connects via WiFi.

A unique feature is the Pre-Roll that shows a 5-second clip of video before motion was triggered. Notifications are sent to your device whenever the motion sensors go off or someone pushes the doorbell. The installation is quick, the Ring app connects effortlessly, and you’ll have this up and running in no time.

Ring Video Doorbell

This affordable Ring doorbell has all the main features but at a lower price tag. It records in 1080p video and you can see and hear people as they approach your door, and you can even speak to them through your connected device or computer. It has impressive motion detection, and you can set privacy zones to reduce the motion detection going off unnecessarily.

Aside from getting the robust Ring app and notifications sent to your device, this doorbell pairs well with Alexa and only needs a WiFi connection. It might be the most affordable Ring doorbell, but you’re getting all the important features for less.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This is one of the top Ring doorbells. You get the same 1080p HD recording from the other Ring smart devices, but it also comes with advanced motion detection controls. You can set zones to focus on, privacy zones, and so much more. This is ideal if you want full control over when the Ring goes off and alerts you.

Despite being more advanced, this is as easy to connect as any other smart doorbell. Simply hardwire it to your existing doorbell wiring and you’re good. The Ring Protect Plan saves all your videos for 60 days, and you can even share the videos if needed. Connecting this to WiFi is easy.

Differences Between Lockly and Ring

When it comes to Lockly vs Ring, these are two very different products that both improve your door’s security. Lockly is a lock that makes it harder for intruders to get into your home while Ring is a doorbell with video capabilities that records people as they walk towards your door.

If you’re more worried about people getting into the home, and you like the idea of being able to unlock the door from your device, then Lockly is probably better. If you’re more worried about capturing people on video, then Ring is better for you.

They also have other differences. Ring has a more robust app, but Lockly doesn’t need to be recharged. Lockly actually stops people from entering your home because it’s a strong lock, but Ring can be used as evidence to help catch people.

We can go back and forth because both are useful, but in different ways. You could always install both, but then your door might look a little bulky.

Final Thoughts

Both of these products help protect your door, but in different ways. In the Ring vs Lockly debate, Ring records video and allows you to speak with people at the door while Lockly is an intuitive lock with smart features.

So, which one do you choose? Let us know below.