What Are Amazon Coins? (All the Info You Need!)

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If you own Amazon tech like the Kindle Fire, then you’ve probably seen Amazon Coins and wondered what these are. Unlike most other app ecosystems like Google Play and Apple App Store, Amazon Coins is a unified digital currency that you can use with nearly any app or game. From Hearthstone to Summoner’s War and more.

Not only that, but you can get a big Amazon Coins sale (up to 20%!) by buying in bulk. For example, you save 20% with an Amazon Coins 50000 package.

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Want to learn more about this currency? Read on and we’ll answer all your questions.

What are Amazon Coins?

Developed by Amazon.com, these represent a digital currency used to either purchase software or for in-app purchases primarily through Kindle and other Amazon devices. For example, you can buy apps, games, or in-app items and features. While you can purchase the coins through apps, it’s best to purchase directly so that you can get an Amazon Coins bulk discount.

You can also use these coins with Android devices, but to a limited extent. This only applies if you downloaded Amazon Appstore through your Android device. You can then use the coins with those apps.

This service originally launched in 2013 and is going strong even now. It’s most commonly used for power ups, gems, boosters, and other items that give you an advantage in your favorite games. For example, lots of people love using Amazon Coins for Hearthstone.

We do want to mention that you cannot use these coins to buy Kindle books, but that’s one of the few exceptions.

So just to recap, what is Amazon Coins? It’s a digital currency for Amazon Coins apps.

How to Use Amazon Coins

First off, you need a compatible device. You’ll most commonly use these with a Fire Tablet or Fire TV, but you can also use these with Android (provided that you downloaded the Amazon Appstore).

After that, it’s incredibly easy.

How do I spend Amazon Coins?

Want to know how to use your Amazon Coins? It’s simple, just follow these steps:

  • Select the app you wish to purchase, or open the app and select the in-app item.
  • Click the “Buy Now” button.
  • If you have coins, then the device will automatically deduct the purchase from your total amount.
  • If you don’t have any, then simply purchase coins through Amazon.
  • Click “Done” and complete your purchase.

How Do I Use Amazon Coins in the Google Play Store?

This one is a little tricky. You can’t use Amazon Coins on Google Play directly, but there is a workaround. You can directly download Amazon Appstore to your Android, install the app ecosystem, and then download and play Amazon apps from your Android device (either tablets or phones).

You might be wondering what happens if you download a game from Amazon that you were already playing through the Google Play Store. This should keep your progress, but now you can purchase in-game items with this currency.

Buy Amazon Coins

You can easily purchase Amazon Coins through Amazon.com. It’s simple, and you even get a sliding discount based on how many you purchase. Want Amazon Coins for sale? You get 20% off Amazon Coins just by getting the largest package.

Buying Amazon Coins is just like buying anything else. Go to the Amazon Coins product page. Select the number of coins you want and make your purchase. It couldn’t be easier.

Every 100 Amazon Coins is worth $1.00. You can buy the following number of coins:

  • 100
  • 300
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2500
  • 5000
  • 10000
  • 50000

Check Price for Amazon Coins – >

You’ll notice that 300 coins costs $2.97, or 1000 coins costs $9.70. In other words, the more you get, the more you save. It’s the smartest decision to get the biggest set so that you save the most. For example, you save $100 with the 50000 Amazon Coins package, which is like 10000 Amazon Coins on sale for free.

Do Amazon Coins Expire?

Since it seems highly unlikely that Amazon is going anywhere any time soon, we have to say that no, Amazon Coins don’t expire. As long as Amazon is around, these should last forever.

How to Get Amazon Coins for Free?

Sometimes, it depends on the day and app. You can sometimes earn free Amazon Coins on select purchases. For example, you can get Amazon Coins for HearthStone or Amazon Coins for HayDay by playing on special days, completing certain tasks, or when making other purchases.

While it’s not always available, getting free Amazon Coins is amazing when you can do it.

Give Amazon Coins as a Gift

You might be wondering if there is an Amazon Coins gift card or a way gift Amazon Coins to your friend. There isn’t a gift card for Amazon Coins at the moment, but there is a way to give them as a gift!

When you’re making your purchase, you’ll notice a selection for “Give Amazon Coins as a gift.” Add your friend’s or family member’s details and they will be sent to them.

Amazon Coins Apps and Games

You probably want to know what Amazon Coins app and games you can use this digital currency for. Amazon has made this a unified currency for most of their apps, so just about anything will tap into this currency when you’re making an in-game or in-app purchase. Whether you’re buying new cards, boosters, extra features, or more, all purchases will be made with the coins.

So, for example, the Amazon Coins Hearthstone and Amazon Coins Summoner’s War will be the exact same currency. Simply buy as many coins as you need and use the currency in whatever game or app you’d like.

How to Get Amazon Coins

The easiest way to get Amazon Coins is simply to buy them. I know that’s probably not the answer you were looking for, but Amazon Coins buy is the fastest and easiest way to get them. Not only that, but you can usually get an Amazon Coins deal by buying a larger number of coins.

The best Amazon Coins promotion is 20% off 50,000 coins, which saves you a lot of money. Be sure to get this package, especially if you really love games and apps with your Kindle Fire tablet.

How to Earn Amazon Coins

As we said above, the best way to earn Amazon Coins is to buy them, but there are sometimes other ways to get some coins. For example, you can sometimes get Amazon Coins free with special promos, like downloading a video app or completing special opt-ins. These are always changing, but Amazon does a good job of promoting the offers.

This is especially true during holidays. Be sure to check Amazon Coins Black Friday to see how many Amazon Coins codes that you can earn.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Coins is a unique and unified digital currency that works with all their apps. This allows you to get big discounts on a large number of coins that you can then spend at your leisure (which is way better than the small, single purchases from Apple or Android). While this primarily only works with Kindle Fire tablets, you can also download the app ecosystem to your Android device and take advantage of these discounts.

Get your coins today and power up, enjoy new features, and get the most out of your games and apps!