Midea vs Homelabs (Best Smart AC Unit)

midea vs homelabs

Smart air conditioners are on the rise, as are all smart home appliances. Who doesn’t want to control their entire home right from their phone? Picking the right smart air conditioning unit can be tough, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Our Midea vs Homelabs review is going to show you exactly … Read more

Zinus vs Casper (Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers)

There are several big brands dominating the memory foam mattress market. Today our Zinus vs Casper review is going to reveal which of these is the best for your bedroom. Both have solid reviews and are known for feeling great, but which mattress is best for your home or apartment? Our Casper vs Zinus review … Read more

Medify MA-40 vs Blueair 211+ (Which Air Purifier is Best?)

medify ma-40 vs blueair 211+

Today we’re comparing two of the most popular air purifiers on Amazon. It’s Medify MA-40 vs Blueair 211+. Both of these air purifiers are incredibly powerful and amazing at cleaning your air, but is one better than the other? They have very different design philosophies and features, so we’re going to compare them to see … Read more