Arlo Pro 4 vs Ultra 2: Ultimate Security Camera Face Off

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Security cameras give you peace of mind and allow you to see what’s going on at your property even if you’re at work or out of the home. There are many smart security cameras and many of the best belong to Arlo. Today we’re going to compare Arlo Pro 4 vs Ultra 2 to see which is best. 

We are going to compare Arlo Ultra 2 vs Pro 4 based on installation, video quality, motion detection, power, and the different smart plans. By the end of this you’ll know exactly which is right for you. 

Arlo Pro 4Arlo Ultra 2

What is Arlo Pro 4? 

Arlo Pro 4 is the newest Pro version of the cameras. Just like the other models, this camera is portable, looks amazing, and records in 2K HDR quality. This ensures you can make out details, faces, and other important elements when replaying footage. 

One of the best things about Arlo is their color night vision feature. Arlo Pro 4 night vision allows you to see exactly what’s happening in the dark, and it’s all recorded in color. It also comes with a strong spotlight and alarm that should scare intruders away. 

Arlo 4 Pro is completely wireless and the battery lasts for a long time. Not only that, but it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit for home security automation.

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What is Arlo Ultra 2? 

Arlo offers many different cameras and the Ultra line is considered one of their top-tier models. Arlo Ultra 2 is very similar to Pro 4, but has some noticeable improvements. This camera records in 4K so that you can clearly view details from the footage. 

The Arlo Ultra 2 color night vision is fantastic, and you also get the same spotlight and alarm to scare away intruders. The installation isn’t quite as flexible (more on this later), but the premium plan gives you far more features you’re sure to love. 

Home automation is the same (Google, Alexa, Apple, and Samsung), and it has a wireless battery so that you can place the camera anywhere. 

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Arlo Pro 4 vs Ultra 2: Installation 

Installing Arlo cameras is simple, no matter which model you get. Each one is very easy to install and shouldn’t take long at all. Plus, the software installation is easy too. Simply use the Arlo app, set the connections, and you’re good to go. 

One major difference in our Arlo Pro 4 vs Pro 3 review was the Arlo SmartHub. The only significant difference we found between these cameras is that Pro 4 didn’t need the SmartHub while Pro 3 did. 

That’s the same here. Both cameras are very easy to install, but Pro 4 is more flexible. You can connect it to a SmartHub if you have one, or you can connect it to your router. Ultra 2 requires a SmartHub connection. Most starter packages come with one, but be aware that this does increase the price. 

It’s nearly a tie, but Pro 4 sneaks ahead by being a little more flexible. 

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Arlo Ultra 2 vs Pro 4: Video Quality 

There’s a very big difference here, and it’s why Ultra 2 is one of the best portable security cameras around. Both of these present very clear images with balanced colors, but Ultra 2 has significantly better resolution. 

Pro 4 has 2K HDR resolution. While that’s not great when compared to 4K TVs and gaming consoles, it’s actually very clear and gives you crisp footage where you can make out details with ease. You can even see a person’s face without worrying about it looking distorted or pixelated. 

However, let’s say that you want the best resolution possible. That’s where Ultra 2 comes in. This camera has an impressive 4K resolution both when viewing the feed live and watching recordings. The footage is much clearer and allows you to see even more details. 

Speaking of more details, let’s talk about the viewing angle. Pro 4 has a 160-degree viewing angle, which is quite good, but Ultra 2 has a 180-degree viewing angle, which is significantly better. This really allows you to see more. 

Pro 4 is good, but there’s really no comparison here. Ultra 2 is the clear winner. 

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Motion Detection 

Going back to center, both of these camera provide motion detection and they are exactly the same. Ultra 2 might be more accurate due to the higher resolution, but these seem to perform about the same without a clear winner. 

There are several special features associated with Arlo motion detection. 

First of all, these cameras can usually tell what caused the motion and it will label it appropriately. For example, you’ll get a notification saying person, animal, or vehicle. If you subscribe to Smart Plans, then it can modify person and tell you if the motion was caused by a delivery person (which lets you know when your packages come). 

You can turn motion detection on and off through the Arlo app, or just set it to automatically turn on whenever there is motion. 

Another feature is that you can customize the motion zones. This means that you can tell it to ignore certain areas. You’ll find that this reduces the “false positives” of wind moving something around. No need to receive endless notifications of a sign moving in your yard. 

All in all, you’re getting sophisticated motion detection with all the bells and whistles. 


Both of these come with similar lithium-ion batteries that should last around 6 months. However, real usage shows that Pro 4 typically lasts longer as it needs less power than Ultra 2. That being said, you’ll find that you can go months without recharging the default battery. 

What if you don’t want to charge the battery? There are Arlo battery accessories that can help with that, and they are available for both cameras. 

The Solar Panel by Arlo can be installed next to the camera so that it uses the sun to charge the battery. Unless you go months with sun, the battery should last forever now. 

Or, if you’d prefer a wired connect, you can get the Arlo indoor or outdoor cable and connect it to the camera. While this means your wireless camera is no longer wireless, it does prevent you from ever having to charge the battery. 

It’s pretty much a draw here, but Pro 4 will last a bit longer. 

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Arlo Secure Plans 

There are two Arlo Secure Plans and they seem very similar, but one is for any Arlo device while another is specifically for Ultra models. The Ultra one is more expensive, but it does offer some extra features. 

The base plan is Arlo Secure. This is $2.99 a month for one camera, or $9.99 for an unlimited number of cameras (good if you have four or more). This allows you to store 2K video in the cloud for 30 days, gives you interactive motion notifications, along with smoke detection, and other handy features. 

If you get Ultra 2, then you can also get Arlo Secure Plus for $14.99 a month. This is also for unlimited cameras. The two major differences are that you can store 4K video instead of 2K, and you get emergency response if something is happening. 

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What’s the Difference Between Arlo Pro 4 and Ultra 2? 

Curious about what the difference is between Arlo Ultra 2 and Pro 4? Both cameras look nearly identical, but there are some big differences if you know where to look. 

Pro 4 is more flexible when it comes to installation. Both are wireless and easy to put anywhere, but you don’t need a SmartHub for it. In fact, it’s the first Arlo model that doesn’t require this. Ultra 2, on the other hand, does need a SmartHub in order to save videos. 

Ultra 2 on the other hand provides much clearer resolution. While Pro 4 has a very good 2K resolution, Ultra 2 has the significantly better 4K. This ensures you can see everything, plus, it has a wide viewing angle. 

Arlo Pro 4Arlo Ultra 2

Final Thoughts 

This is a tough one. The Pro 4 might not have quite the same resolution, but it’s a little easier to install and more affordable, and you can still see everything clearly. However, the Ultra 2’s 4K resolution is hard to turn down, especially when it’s only a little more expensive than Pro 4. 

Let us know which you choose? Do you like the flexibility and price of Pro, or the superior resolution of Ultra?